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  1. EV Go Kart Telemetry

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    Hello EV enthusiasts, I am a high school student in an engineering class, where we are currently constructing an electric go kart from the ground up. For a research project, I am researching electric telemetry systems(systems the remotely monitor the conditions of the car) and am trying to...
  2. need info on how to convert go kart

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    i have a go kart , in particular this one i would like to convert it to a electric weekend racer. I would like decent 1/4 mile times but i just want to really race it. my current plans are: extend length lower ride hight cut top off replace seat racing safety stuff replace shocks Im going...
  3. Auckland Electric Go Karting Afternoon, 1:30pm 6th Dec

    Philip Court of the Greenstage electric race car & I are organising an afternoon at Formula E electric go karts at 1:30pm, 6th December. They're in Airport Oaks, Manukau City. If you can't make it at this time, well, they're open daily, so don't let that stop you. I had a look at one of the...