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  1. Electric 3phase AC motors in India

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    Hi all, Me and my friend have decided to build electric go kart. We want to participate in Go karting competitions. The primary reason is fun and also learn everything possible about EVs. We have decided to start on something small(1KW motor, VFD, Li-ion battery) and then scale up to high...
  2. Need help with my first

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    Hello there, recently I was able to get my hands on a lot of 18650 batteries and I wanted to do something with them. I always wanted to make my own go kart and I was wondering if anyone could help me do it. I am planning to do it from scratch and I as planning for it to be a budget build, I dont...
  3. Electric GoKart (144v DC)

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    I just started the gokart E-kart project again. Its been a while, its a bit dusty but its a work in progress. The frame is a MBA (made in france), has front and rear disc brakes. I currently only run the rear, due to the front tires rubbing on the brake line, gotta get narrower tires. The motor...