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  1. 24VDC to 72VDC charger

    Batteries and Charging
    Looking to get a dc to dc charger so I can charge my 72v prowler ev is (golf cart) from by 24v battery bank. Without converting to AC then back to DC. Anyone know of a product?
  2. 18650 48V Pack for Golf Cart

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello all, I've come across a large number of good laptop batteries containing mostly CGR 18650CG and CGR18650D Batteries, with capacities of 2250, and 2350 mah respectively. Recently our golf cart was left out on low charge in the cold, and many of its lead acid batteries are now dead. Time for...
  3. convert 36 volt ezgo to 42 volt?

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2002 ezgo golf cart that I have the following upgrades: 400 amp controller, high amp forward-reverse, 4 gauge wiring and 6:1 gear ratio rear end. I can easily run 28 mph but need more power if starting on hills. My question- Can I add one 6 volt battery to make 42 volts and also will my...
  4. low gear ratios (25:1)

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I am designing a low speed(6mph) electric vehicle that will be used to transport loadings of about 400lb and will have total weight(loaded) of 1400lb. I will be using an electric motor with a 19 tooth spline from a golf cart and calculated I need a gear ratio of 25:1. However no rearend...
  5. Electric Motor Repair Wire to Lug Connection

    Electric Motors
    Hey guys, I purchased a '96 G16E about a week ago and have been slowly taking it apart and rebuilding it get it into working shape. I took it out the other day and after hitting a large bump I think I ended up giving it enough shock to break the connection between the lug on the motor and the...
  6. Need 10 used 6-volt flooded deep cycle batteries (Golf cart batteries)

    Need 10 decent used 6-volt flooded deep cycle batteries (Golf cart batteries) in CA. asap. Please call me (Mac) 323 253 33090 Thanks
  7. The Electric Corolla

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    As a high-school senior project, my friend and i are taking a dead 1995 corolla and converting to electric. our range and speed goals are relatively low. the parts are basic, as the car is based off the forkenswift project, golf cart speed controllers and batteries and a salvaged forklift motor...
  8. OBeers Lawncare: Lawn Mowing EV('s) Thread

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hi everyone, I've decided to start a build thread here to chronicle my upcomming lawnmower build. I figured a lawnmower would be a great place to start. Since this is my first EV I've got a lot of questions about the electricity end of things. I can machine, fabricate, and weld just about...
  9. New Forum for NEV-LSV.COM starting

    EV News
    Members of DIY Electric Car, I enjoy your company and your comments have often been enlightening to me concerning EV Technology. As well it should be because that is the main purpose of this Forum. But I have a wide range of interests. Recently I discovered the “NEV-LSV .COM a Forum for...
  10. How to care for my batteries?

    EV Performance
    I have a 73 VW bus I converted for business use in Portland, OR I am using generic golf cart batteries, 24 6v for 144 V. All they say on them is "105 min" They charge to 155V when fully charged, and I have a few questions about my set up to help me take care of...