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  1. Converting 2002 VW Golf

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    Hello! I am considering converting my 2002 Golf to electric. For my daily commute, I need a range of at least 60 miles and a top speed of at least 75 mph, although I would prefer a range closer to 90-100 miles if I can make it work with my budget, which should probably max out around $13000...
  2. Modular Battery Exchange: M-BEAM

    EV News
    Over a year ago we posted about our new concept for battery exchange. After many hours of months of hard work, we are now at a successfully working prototype. You can see our car drive for the time HERE! Our Video! This fall, we plan on driving the car across the country to showcase the car...
  3. Reverse engineering help needed: analog tachometer

    New Member Introductions
    My VW Golf mk2 (1989) came without a tach (rev counter) when I got it. It never had any installed. It had a big clock in place of tach instead. I knew some models were equipped with tach so I bought one from ebay and it fits in place of clock. It is supposed to be a working unit. Don't know the...
  4. M-BEAM: Fastest US Crossing in an EV

    EV News
    Hi. We are a small group of engineers and EV enthusiasts, working out of our garage, that have converted a 2004 VW Golf into an electric vehicle. But our EV is a little different than others... We are using this as a proof of concept to illustrate the modular battery exchange concept. Instead of...