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  1. Production EVs
    from: Preview: So much for a "flat torque curve from 0 RPM"... Appears to be some rather crude limiter code in the inverter controller at ~3900RPM I wonder if it's the measurement system/technique doing all this...
  2. Parts Vendors
    Greetings! Have had an account here forever, but I try not to go crazy posting on forums much anymore. Hopefully this is the right place on this forum to post this info. :) Some folks may recognize me as "the Tesla hacker" from news articles, other forums, my youtube channel, etc. My partner...
  3. Electric Motors
    Electric motors by nature are very torquey and normally have more torque that horsepower. I was thinking about how Honda engines have very low torque and have to be revved to the stratosphere to get max power out of them. I was curious as to if an electric motor be engineered to mimic this. Vtec...
1-3 of 3 Results