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  1. Please help me to choose the right motor

    Electric Motors
    Hi! I want a electric vehicle using 2-5 Kw dc hub motor. The vehicle weight is about 300 kg with driver. Which motor do you recommend me? Thanks.:)
  2. For Sale: Enertrac Dual 602 Hub Motors $2,000

    I have 2 Enertrac 602 liquid cooled motors attached to a custom rim and swingarm that was retrofitted to mount to my 1993 CBR 600F2. Details about the motors: 20KW continuous per motor = max 40KW continuous and 80KW peak 10 RPM/Volt 72 volts for 45 MPH with...
  3. Hub Motor or Mid Drive

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, Sorry if it is an already very talked thread, but I have been searching over the forum, and could´t see what I´m looking for. My idea is to build something like a rough bike frame with motor, ok? It is not a bike, it would be like a motorbike but with a frame like a bike but rougher, so it...
  4. Thermal sensor in Huari scooter motor

    Electric Motors
    I have a Huari scooter with a 4000 watt hub motor that died all of a sudden when doing 55 on a freeway. I discovered that the breaker was thrown but when I reset it, the motor ran very rough and wouldn't go past 20 mph. I managed to get home but it soon quit altogether. I pulled the hub and...
  5. Looking for Brushless DC Hub Motor

    Electric Motors
    Hi All! So I'm building the 2nd version of my Alternative energy showpiece vehicle, know as Sustainable Sound or lowRes (for low resource). ( It's an electric vehicle with pedal power and solar generation. for various reasons the drive train is electric. Last year I had...
  6. Finding the right motor(s) for the right price?

    Electric Motors
    Hi all, I'm brand new to the forum and conversions so please correct me if I get any info wrong. I am looking to convert my 1998 volkwagen golf to a PHEV, and eventually to a fully electric when it becomes reasonable for me (eg. better energy storage tech or whatnot), it's my only car right now...
  7. Zero Turn Radius Electric Riding Lawn Mower

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hey everyone: I am looking at doing a zero turn radius riding mower conversion. However, as been mentioned in other posts, a hydrostatic transmission is inefficient when used with an electric motor. My idea is to use two hub motors, one for each drive tire, instead. Then I would use another...