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  1. Electric Motors
    Hi everyone, so I recently purchased a motor from advanced motors and drives- fb1-4001a. Ill attach a photo with this so you can see. Anyways I'm in the process of making a adapter plate and coupler to attach it to my VW Vanagon and I'm having trouble determining the correct hub to fit on the...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hello. I have converted an 82 VW Rabbit Convertible with an AC50 at 96 volts. The power is awesome and my range is pretty nice with a Lithium pack. The trouble I have is a pretty good vibration that starts at about 20MPH and drowns out the radio at 55MPH. I was first thinking that I had a...
  3. Electric Bikes
    Hi, I'm going to build an e bike, and I just want to know a few things, my area is a very flat area, and I would need to move as too as 40 km or 50km in an extreme situation. I'm 90 kg, so I would like to know if it is ok with a 500W motor or I should need a 750W or 1000W motor??, ( I don't...
1-3 of 3 Results