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  1. Lotus Elon - Electric 169 Lotus Elan S4

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    OK .. Electric Lotus Elan. I've been a lurker for some time - and want to extend a HUGE thank you for ALL the inspiration found on here 🙏 If it helps anyone else I used Instagram to log the conversion / build of a 50 yr old Lotus Elan: (or without Instagram: MAS...
  2. Working on a 1989 Classic Mini EV Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello Everyone, Starting work on my 1989 Mini. Thinking of keeping the original gearbox and mounting a Hyper9 motor directly on top of it. Using SilentSync sprockets and belt as a drive system. Have something similar to ´s conversion in mind. But interested in using the Hyper9 9 and...
  3. Hyper9 AC Schematic

    3-7-19: Not much visually different on the car tonight, even though I've been moving wiring and hoses out of the way of getting the engine out. So, thought this would be interesting to share. It's the wiring diagram for the motor, battery, charger and control systems and how they interface...