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induction motor

  1. VFD Motor and Battery Compatibility

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I've found an industrial 15kW three-phase AC induction motor, and I'm in the market for a VFD to run this thing. It's a Baldor GDM2515T rated at 20HP, 230/460V, & 48/24A ("Full load amps"). It's weight is great for it's power and I like the fact that it's AC. I've found a...
  2. Half price sale on motors (small DC and FHP and large AC)

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    I found a source for some small DC motors as well as many three phase AC motors from 1/2 HP to 60 HP at very attractive prices. Here is another one that I'm watching. It's a 7.5 HP 200V 1760 RPM motor for $50...
  3. Fincor 5205P0 230V 5HP AC VFD controller

    I have been looking for a 5HP 230V VFD controller to use on my tractor project, and I found this on eBay: It seems like a good deal, even if I might only use it for the parts. Supposedly it is a working unit, but I can't find any manuals or information on...
  4. FS: Genuine GM EV1 / S-10E Drive Unit - AC Motor, Gearbox, Differential & Wiring

    Yes you read that right and this drive unit didn't get crushed, in fact it is new and un-used as it was purchased many years ago from someone who knew a GM dealer that had one! I've been saving it for a special project of my own but decided that I have too many projects and too much stuff in the...
  5. Self-programmed AC IM beach buggy

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi guys I am building a beach buggy conversion, using an induction motor - with a catch though - I've programmed my own motor controller. The car is a simple Beetle chassis with fibreglass body. I am going to use a 15kW 220V 3ph induction motor (alluminium - 96kg - would be ideal but I've got...