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  1. VFD Motor and Battery Compatibility

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a VFD to pair with a 15kW three phase induction motor rated at 230/460V and 48/24A continuous (460V * 24A = 11040W < 15kW :confused:). The thing is, I looked into the motor's specs, and it has a starting current of 165.8A, and I can't seem to find a VFD with a...
  2. Induction Motors

    I've read that two of the advantages of using induction motors in EV conversions is that they are ubiquitous and not expensive. However, I find very few sellers of induction motors suitable for EV conversion (compared to DC equivalents), and the motors that I do find are much more expensive than...
  3. "Pepperoni Pizza" motor

    Electric Motors
    Well, it might be more of a pancake motor, but I'm in the mood for pizza, and there is actually a reason for my choice of names. It looks about like this: The "pizza" is the plastic or metal ring which forms the stator housing. It connects to the six thick slices of "pepperoni" which are...
  4. Hello from MD - Three Phase motor EV

    New Member Introductions
    Someone on the newsgroup suggested this forum. I have for a long time been interested in EVs and hybrids, and I have started by converting a stripped-down riding mower and using a 2 HP three phase induction motor, with a standard VFD, using 320 VDC which I obtain from a 17...
  5. AC Propulsion EV 150 Gen 2 System for Sale

    I've just listed an AC Propulsion system: Motor, controller, charger, DC/DC converter, Vehicle Management System, and BMS on ebay. This is the top of the line system. Very close to the Tesla and BMW mini motors. 150 kW and 200 Nm. Please take a look and tell your friends! Only 10 days!
  6. Induction Charging

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, Anyone messed with induction charging? like the new Rolls Royce - I'd love to see highways with Street Racer type boost sections where you could drive over and get charged up or even charging points at the mall, so you...
  7. Baldor industrial 3-phase AC motor

    Electric Motors
    I have an opportunity to acquire a Baldor industrial motor, model CP3773T. This has the following specs: 15HP, 480V, 18 AMPS, 3450RPM, 60HZ, shipping weight 226 Lbs. The seller is asking a very, very low price. I am curious as to whether or not I could apply this to an EV conversion. Assuming...
  8. Attractively priced small AC drive system

    Parts Vendors System's performance is very similar to Advanced DC Motors' FB1-4001 @~120V which is said to be rated for ev's <5000lb's. I contacted the company and they said they will...