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  1. Introduction, and EV-bobber/chopper idea

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    Before i start, I'd like to introduce myself. Name's David, i'm 16, and well, i don't do much. Recently I've seen and heard alot about electric vehicles, heard about them being better than Prius's and stuff (yeah i know it's a hybrid but still) but that was back in 2010, i was 13 and arrogant...
  2. Need step by step instructions on building an EV

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    I want to build an EV car, but Im not sure on what size motor to use. Im sure the motor should be able to generate a certain torque to be able to drive a car, but how much energy will it need to produce that torque? And what voltage , etc would that motor need from the battery? Im really...
  3. Planning Beetle conversion

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    Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication Auto Mechanics: Some, but not a whole bunch. I have worked on my own cars without trouble, but not too fancy, however, I have friends who are much better car people who can help when I get stuck. Fabrication: I can build wood boxes, but...
  4. Early planning for a first conversion

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    I would like to build an EV perfect for Philadelphia driving. I rarely drive more than 25-30miles in a given day. Typically it’s much less. There are good stretches where that is @ highway speeds. Having a car with a little pep is practically a requirement with the way folks drive here, and...
  5. electro37

    New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, As an electric-veteran, for many, many years I am glad that OPEC is finally "cutting it's own throat" by raising fuel prices for petroleum products so high. I'm sad for those whose livelehood soley depends on transportation but; this may convince them all to "shun" the...
  6. Is an electric car for me?

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I am new here. I have been pondering building an electric car for years, and have lately heavily considered the possibilty as I now have the means to build one. For starters, I have sufficient mechanical skills- 4 years ago my Brother and I built a Lotus 7 replica basically from...
  7. 94 geo tracker

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    I am planning to convert a tracker with: war9 motor and use the standard tranny. My question is what is the best battery buy for me? 45 (3.2V) 100ah at $4500 and 350lb or 45 (3.2V) 200ah at $9000 and 664lb?????????????? (lionev) I want to drive up to 65mph and have a range of about 60 miles...
  8. Want to covert

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    A 1990 LTD crown victoria wagon. curb weight, 4200lbs. range no more than 50, top speed can be 45 or so. At issue is this, the LTD happens to me the car I used for my mail route until the engine bellied up and I haven't been able to figure out why it quit. (still thinking fuel pump) But, I am...