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  1. Hey guys! (introduction and jet engines)

    New Member Introductions
    Hey fellow car lovers! New here, currently in school studying EE. Over the past month or so, an idea for a high performance hybrid car has been slowly creeping up on me. Think the 918 or BMW i8 and then proceed to completely forget about those two cars. This is not a conversion but a design...
  2. Contactor engagement issues

    Technical Discussion
    I have a jet electrica escort. I seem to be having problems with my contactor not transferring 100% of the power all the time. At times I will get 80% power transfer and then at random I will get 100% acceleration and speed. My contactor arc's and pits the points pretty bad. The...
  3. Jet electrica manual

    Technical Discussion
    I have a pdf file of a jet electrica maintenance manual. I also have a few additional files for anyone that would like them. Just reply on this forum with your email address and I will send you the files.