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  1. DIY 72 Karmann Ghia Conversion... HELP!

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    I desperately need help from those who are more experienced with this project. I'm stuck on quite a few things that are stopping me from proceeding. I'm planning on purchasing most (of not all) of the conversion kit from EV west...
  2. Noob Intro:​ High Schooler, want advice for first conversion (VW Karmann Ghia)

    New Member Introductions
    ​Hi, DIY Electric Forums, My name is Jamie, I'm a high school junior from Colorado, and I'd like to do my first electric car conversion at the end of this summer. However, it's a really huge project, and I'll likely need some advice, as well as some experienced people to check my planning...
  3. Selling my electric car - Karmann ghia

    Hi! Nice to meet everyone! I have a beautifully converted 1968 Electric Karmann Ghia for sale. The conversion was done with optimal ingenuity, eliminating a need for both an alternator and clutch. It features a 4 Speed clutchless transmission and is powered by a FB1-4001-A Series Advanced DC...