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  1. Car Alternator as EV Motor

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make an electric scooter, but I'd like to avoid hub motors. I came across a video in which an old alternator is used as the kart's motor. However, I'm still questioning the feasibility. I like the idea of using an alternator because of its cheap power and...
  2. New race kart member

    New Member Introductions
    I subscribed because I am interested in building a competitive electric racing kart to compete with tag / shifter karts in an open class. I'm glad there is still an active group out here that hasn't been facebooked... After looking at various youtube videos plus certain vlogs there, I have...
  3. Electric GoKart (144v DC)

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I just started the gokart E-kart project again. Its been a while, its a bit dusty but its a work in progress. The frame is a MBA (made in france), has front and rear disc brakes. I currently only run the rear, due to the front tires rubbing on the brake line, gotta get narrower tires. The motor...
  4. Help with figuring out charging Battery harness

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I'm powering my ME1003 motor with 4S 5Ah battery packs ( The packs will be wired in parallel in threes, so I get 15Ah. And 5 of these paralleled packs will be put in series to make 14.8Vx5 = 74V (I know the nominal voltage is higher, but let's assume the battery packs...