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  1. Kelly Controller KHB12401

    Hello, I have a Kelly KHB12401 controller which we use along with a Motenergy ME0913 motor, in an FSAE vehicle. We've used it for a while but now we're trying to look into its configuration settings and although we haven't performed many tests we can't quite figure out the exact and specific...
  2. Throttle Wiring Help - F-N-R for Boat [pic] Upgrading to Kelly KPM controllers

    Hi everyone, Yes, I realize this is and electric car forum but the tech is pretty much the same (or is it?) Attempting to upgrade to 72V Kelly KPM motor controllers. The throttles are/were custom from a company no longer available hence no wiring diagram. From what I understand the throttles...
  3. Kelly Controller with Hall effect throttle?

    So I am currently working on an Ev conversion on my VW Vanagon and I have a question regarding the controller I have. I am using a Kelly Controller, KDH14650B, with a 120V DC motor, ADC FB1-4001, and I want to use a hall effect pedal as a throttle. I am not sure if the Kelly Controller would...
  4. Electric Rockcrawler powerde by Tesla modules

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello, small introduction :) BR Pär
  5. For Sale Kelly Controller 1500Amps $1,100USD

    Hello, I have tested a Kelly Controller KDHEC series in a Truck with a 9" AMD DC motor for a couple of months. It provides twice the power that is needed for the truck that usually is run at 60MPH, (100KMH). This is the most powerful controller in Kelly's Catalog, they call it "Racing...
  6. Reducing total battery voltage

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi. I don't know if this is the place for this, but I thought someone might could give me a little insight. I am working on a small electric vehicle, and we are running into the problem of a few too many volts for the controller. Due to some oversight in our planning, we are running five 12v...
  7. Kelly Controller Current meter error

    Hello guys, I have been trying to search information about "Current Meter Err" failure but I did not find anything.:confused::confused: The question is if someone knows about this error in Kelly KLS-8080IPS. About the Identification Angle it just work fine (be able to read rpm if motor is...
  8. NEW 26 CALB 40ah Lifepo4

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  9. First Conversion

    Electric Bikes
    Hey Guys, I've been reading about EV's for a long time now, and decided to convert my Kawasaki KLX 650C to Electric. I'm think i will use these Parts: - Enertrac 603 - Kelly KBL12271I - Turnigy 2200 mAh LiPo Batteries 33S15P - ElCon PFC2000 Charger - Magura Twist Grip what i havent yet found...
  10. TTXGP Brands Hatch UK and EURO Final(Kelly controllers win again)

    EV News
    Starting in the same order as this morning, the teams took to the grid on full wet set up, as despite the rain easing, the track was still wet with areas of standing water. Jenny led the field around on the warm up lap and the bikes settled into their grid positions for the final regional rounds...
  11. TTXGP UK Round 2 Pembrey Race( Kelly Controllers swept the medals again)

    EV News
    The sun shone for the third round of the TTXGP UK Championship in Pembrey, South Wales and tension in the paddock was high in the build up to the race. So after lunch, the final checks on the bikes were made and the riders mounted their machines and queued up to take to the track for the grid...
  12. Kelly KDH14500 controller

    Howdy all, I had read an article that was berating the Kelly KDH14500 (72-144V) controller due to it not being made initially with an isolated ground. I wanted to say that I overcame the possibility of making my controller into a doorstop by mounting it on an aluminum plate (for rigid surface...