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kelly controllers

  1. Throttle Wiring Help - F-N-R for Boat [pic] Upgrading to Kelly KPM controllers

    I thought I posted this yesterday but I don't see it anywhere. I also realize this seems to be mostly a EV car/bike forum but the tech is pretty much the same (or is it?) Attempting to upgrade to 72V Kelly KPM motor controllers but using my current throttles from a 48V system. The throttles...
  2. KELLY controller KDH14501 Post mortem 2

    Hi guys, my first posting after a Kelly experience. (I had hoped on a good outcome, but..):( I carefully choose the KDH14501 for my 96V system. 144V (180V max), 250A continuous, 500A max. I had 2 of them. Each one diseased smoking after about 30 miles. After the first one blew, Steven Li...