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  1. Kelly Controller KHB12401

    Hello, I have a Kelly KHB12401 controller which we use along with a Motenergy ME0913 motor, in an FSAE vehicle. We've used it for a while but now we're trying to look into its configuration settings and although we haven't performed many tests we can't quite figure out the exact and specific...
  2. 120V 1500A Controller for DC Series and PM Motors with regen

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    Fully functional controller for your EV conversion project. $950 on eBay
  3. HSE12101 Kelly Controller or similar, anybody?

    I am looking for people who have experience with the HSE12101 Sep Ex Controller from Kelly and can share their thoughts on that one or similar Kelly controllers, before I buy. I have in four years blown four SepEx controllers in my car :mad:. Two Sevcon PowerPak (the company is not supporting...
  4. hypothetical braking?

    hello i am a newbie to these regenerative type controllers that are not homebrew and have question: if one is driving along and used their left foot to hit the brake while one foot is on the throttle, how does Kelly or Alltrax handle such a thing? i am on the fence about whether to build my own...
  5. Regen LiFePO4 with PM motor

    hi guys, I'm struggling to understand if Kelly PM 48V controller can regen Lithium LiFePO4 or LiFeYPO4 batteries. I have an parallel hybrid boat with a 18HP diesel on the same axel as the PERM PMG132. I asked Kelly but I am very confused by the answer: - they replied that the regen tension is...
  6. Luigi goes electric. Fiat 500 R + Agni 95-R

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    Hi all, Just wanted to share my latest project. I'm converting a 1973 fiat 500 R to electricity. I've created a blog that could help other do the same. Please see for more information. Best regards Rikard
  7. Kelly KDH14**0B vs KDH12**0B

    Hey there folks, I'm James, and I this is my first post here, however i've done much reading and appreciated all the detailed info i've found. I've almost completely narrowed down my choices to a Kelly Controller, yet now i'm rethinking my model, and would like to start a general discussion on...
  8. S-10 with a Kelly 650 AMP

    EV Performance
    I had an S-10 with a Curtis 500 amp. Did 77MPH. I sold it,:(, and bought a better S-10 and have installed a Kelly 650 AMP controller. Problem is, I'm only getting 45mph. Dont have amp meter yet, so I'm not sure what its putting out, but with the old truck, I had a Kelly 500 AMP and it only...
  9. Kelly KDH14500

    Can you tell me how to connect the Kelly controller? I have blown 3 KDH14500's. 1st one was when I had the controllers power coming from the trucks ignition and had the ground grounded to the trucks ground. Touched the 144V pack to the trucks ground and blew it. 2nd one I had a spare (12ah)...
  10. 144V controllers

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for 144V controllers and I was wondering what my options were. I will most likely use the ADC FBI motor at 144V. Thanks Andre