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  1. For Sale: EV-Motor: Kostov 11" DC motor - single shaft with interpols: $1000

    Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars - Kostov 11" DC motor - Model-Nr: KFG 9603, 20 kW, 96V - single shaft - with interpols - Build:1999 - installed in a project but NEVER used - great condition Price: $1000 Pick-up: Los Angeles
  2. Would this setup work?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I've recently acquired an unfinished kit car project that i'm hoping to complete using EV components. The car is RWD and i was hoping to either just use direct drive or get a gear reducer of some sort. I'm looking for a pretty decent power output. I was thinking of using the following...
  3. Is Kostov motors still in business?

    Parts Vendors
    I'm trying to get in contact with Kostov motors but they don't respond to mail and telephone calls. Has anyone managed to reach them in last month or two?
  4. Kostov 11" 250V Wiring Construction

    Electric Motors
    I'm going to be running a K11-250, series wound. The motor has terminals to allow series or parallel wiring. Below you can see the poles connected for series and are not positioned to easily make buss bars. FYI - those wires were only used for 24V no-load brush run-in and controller testing...
  5. Jaguar XK8 (96') EV

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    1996 Jaguar XK8 Ev (Planning Stage) hello I'm new to this forum! I'm planning to start my first EV conversion! And I would like to get as much advice or feedback from this forum so please do leave anything that may help me! Experience: I have experience of building 5 E-bikes in past. I had...
  6. New EV Builder here, Hello! :)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Ev'ers, This is my first post here, so, i thought i'd say Hi, and give a quick outline of my current EV project. I'm really hoping you good folk may be able to impart some required wisdom on a few EV Dilemmas we already have. I say We, as there is myself (Ashley) my Dad and our good friend...
  7. Planning Pontiac FireBird 1982 TransAM Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi all, I have just joined the forum after reading through a lot of the information and material provided on this site and its links. An EV conversion looks like great fun (and about enough hard work to keep it interesting). So as per the suggestion: Your skill level with auto mechanics and...
  8. Kostov vs Netgain in direct drive applications

    Electric Motors
    i want to do a direct drive conversion for my Ev using either an 11" or a dual 9", depending on what i can fit in the car. i looked around and decided it it either had to be a transwarp from netgain, or a kostov motor that i would have to modify for direct drive use. i like the netgain, firstly...
  9. Cheap Electric motor for your EV conversion New Zealand

    Need a cheap electric motor in New Zealand for your EV conversion? NZero have come on board with EV Builders project and if we help NZero to sell ten motors we will be given our motor for free. All we need is your support, just mention EV Builders when you place your order for your motor...
  10. Kostov DC Motor - What do I really have?

    Electric Motors
    Hi, This was started as an ealier thread "Surplus DC Motor" but since the purchase, I have found more info about the motor (the motor did not have a nomencature plate on it). It is a Balkancar motor made by Geogi Kostov motor works. The data from the inside end plate of the Motor reads " K5 EC...