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  1. Production EVs
    I'm thinking of creating a battery pack out of LiFePo4 cells for Nissan LEAF. I figured this is almost impossible from zero content I've found online regarding DIY batteries for LEAF. Has anyone tried this before? I'm thinking of modifying the Leaf BMS to accomodate LFP cells along with a...
  2. Batteries and Charging
    Hi Folks! Although I've been around watching for a while but this is my first post. I would like to ask for your advice regarding what direction to take for building modular battery system for full-time campervan. Let me quickly give it a context so you'd understend what I'm trying to achieve...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    Hi everyone, i try to make a battery balancing circuit of 16s LiFePO4 battery. I could't find a circuit diagram yet, so i need an detailed active balancing battery circuit diagram to make my own circuit. Can someone help me with this?
  4. Classifieds
    I have 48 New 100ah HiPower Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells left over from a project. I paid over $125 each for these and would like to sell them for $90 ea minimum 4 cells. I will ship same or nxt day via USPS Priority Mail for $5 each per cell, and will take returns up to 10 weeks after, as long...
  5. Parts Vendors
    New Designed Module ,Color Red,Yellow For Ref. UpDate20130525. 4S100Ah Red Module / 8S100Ah Red And Yellow Module/ 13S60Ah Yellow Module/ As Following Link: LFP Pouch Battery Cell...
  6. Classifieds
    I have learned that my Elcon 3000 charger can't be upgraded to power my new battery pack, so it needs find a new home. It is currently set up for 46 LiFe04 batteries. It is the 144-16 model. The top charge voltage is 167 volts. The programmed algorithm is 612 The charger is at Elcon in CA and...
  7. New Member Introductions
    we are lithium li-lion battery manufacturer in china, we offer wide ranges of batteries, LiFePO4 battery, LiMn2O4 battery, Li(NiCoMn)O2 battery, which are widely used in Electric Vehicle, Electric Bicycles, Power tools, Industrial miner's lamp, UPS, other industry and military fields, etc for...
  8. Batteries and Charging
    First of all, hello all, first post here. I am planning a motorcycle conversion and ran across these. Currently they are out of stock waiting for a shipment but they have been selling like hotcakes in the motorcycle world. The prices are really good, I believe the...
  9. Parts Vendors
    hi,everyone how do you think about EV and lifep04 battery suppliers in China?Are their technology reached maturity level?
  10. Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, Headway 38120L/38120S/38120P cells are all available now!! The detailed specifications of these cells,please find in attachment. Lorraine --Xinghai Energy email: [email protected] MSN: [email protected]
  11. Batteries and Charging
    we have newest models : 38140S and 40160S(3.2V16Ah) cylindrical cells. compare with 38120,higher capacity! 38140S Nominal Capacity: 12AH Nominal Voltagge: 3.2V Charging Voltage:3.65V Cut off Discharge Voltage:2.0V Charging Method:CC/CV Max Charg Current(continuous):60A Max...
  12. Batteries and Charging
    Dear Sir or Madam who may concerns, How are you doing? I would like to introduce our company as a professional manufacturer and exporter of Li-ion battery with more than 8-year industrial experiences. I am Ken Cheung, sale manager from Electric Vehicle Power System Technology Co. Ltd...
  13. Parts Vendors
    Pls visit: We provide Lithium irom phosphate battery pack for EV/Ebike, Charger and BMS Email: [email protected] or: [email protected] Skype: Creisdin
1-13 of 13 Results