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  1. 100C continuous 200C burst cell - Lonestar EV Performance

    EV Performance
    Here is the data sheet on our new cell we are switching over to.
  2. For sale:

    Li-ion, batteries, - $85each (oakland, CA) condition: new make / manufacturer: ALLCELL size / dimensions: 10x3x7 inches. Most are brand new, a few are used. Li-ion batteries for your next project or electric vehicle? 14 volt 50 amp hour 700 watt. Size about 8x10x3 inches. I have 30 of them...
  3. Leaf cells + LiPo packs

    Batteries and Charging
    I've tried searching for two days and I can't find this question on the forum. I know some folks have asked about Pb + super capacitors, but what about a little more of a compromise? How about an energy pack based on Leaf modules, say 44 for 330v pack ~20KWh, and a booster pack of 100c LiPo...
  4. WTB Adapter and batteries Mazda RX7

    Items found :D I'm looking for an Mazda adapter for clutchless setup, using 1987 trans. Also seeking batteries 100-160 ah lithium
  5. Help with figuring out charging Battery harness

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I'm powering my ME1003 motor with 4S 5Ah battery packs ( The packs will be wired in parallel in threes, so I get 15Ah. And 5 of these paralleled packs will be put in series to make 14.8Vx5 = 74V (I know the nominal voltage is higher, but let's assume the battery packs...
  6. Shipping cost for LiPo batteries, LiFePO4, safety, etc.

    Batteries and Charging
    I went today to the website and put together a shopping cart for several LiPo batteries as well as other items, as follows: Quantity Stock Product description Price Weight OK T50004S-20HC - Turnigy 5000mAh 4S1P 14.8v 20C hardcase .. $22.59 598 OK 601Ax5 - Male XT60...