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lithium batteries

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    CHEVROLET VOLT Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Lithium Solar Energy Storage On Ebay Price: $2,000.00
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    Local pickup only in Broomfield, CO. $95/battery OBO We have 250 total NEW CALB model CAM72 batteries. Never used, stored in climate controlled warehouse. Each cell provided with one cell connecting link CALB busbar. WE ACCEPT PAYMENT THROUGH ESCROW.COM
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    Hi,We're an fs team based out of Mumbai, india. We are using LiCoO2 pouch cells for our battery pack and I wanted to know if it is a good practice to keep pouch cells in contact with each other by their faces. What can be the consequences and issues and is there any way to avoid them?
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    3.6v, 260Ah, LiPo modules for $156 per kWh. Weighs less than 10 pounds. Joseph M | Business Development Manager CTECHi Group [email protected]
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    I was searching around for batteries to use in my personal electric scooter project. I've found some LiFePO4 that has sufficient capacities like: But they seemed heavy and I found out that there...
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    Hi all. I have a converted Geo Metro that has been through lead acid, then NiCad, and now a lithium pack. The Lithium pack has a major defect that I and the mechanic that installed it dont know how to fix. can anyone recommend a EV mechanic in the SF bay area? many thanks
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    Does anyone have any expertise in working with lithium batteries and is willing to answer some questions regarding how to connect them to controllers and cell modules? We’re using 4 GBS 12V (4-Cell) 100Ah LiFeMnPO4 batteries, an EMUS BMS Control Unit, EMUS BMS Cell modules, and Emus BMS Control...
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    Just wanted to introduce myself, live in Kansas, don't have an electric car, but I do have 2 electric motorcycles :) My Zero runs great! Got ripped off with my Vectrix, has a (semi) dead battery, looking for forums to help me get it replaced/repaired....:)
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    Hello, I have 20+ Valence U-charge XP-40Ah batteries (LiFeMgPO4) for sale. These batteries are ready for BMS (Which I think I might have) and is all done by Canbus communication. I am in the San Diego area, but can ship if you are willing to pay freight charges. See link for more info on...
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    ***SOLD***NEW 26 CALB 40ah Lifepo4 ****************************** sold
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    So, by now, I think many of you know I've been perusing the boards for awhile now. I've heard a lot of fanatics on either side of the argument. But to me, after crunching real numbers, and unfortunately only having access to a lot of anecdotal case studies, the case is not clear. It's quite grey...
  12. Batteries and Charging
    I'll use a 288V and 160a/h Lithium battery pack, and I would like to know if I can conect more than one charger to it, so I can charge it faster? I would like to get 1 hour of charging time or 1 hour and a half...
  13. Batteries and Charging
    I am in charge of designing a 485 Vdc pack for use by my company. The application is not directly EV, but is for powering equipment in the back of a truck (it will replace a PTO driven system which is very wasteful). We have already tested a 40 Ah TS cell for use at our load currents (20,30,40...
  14. Batteries and Charging
    Hello All, This is my first post to the forum; I have been paying close attention to this site and others to seep up information in preparation for my first EV conversion I'm planning to start in the coming months. Obviously a big stumbling block from a budget standpoint (at least initially)...
  15. EV Performance Has anybody used these types of batteries "ModEnergy Li-Ion"