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lithium battery

  1. WTB Adapter and batteries Mazda RX7

    Items found :D I'm looking for an Mazda adapter for clutchless setup, using 1987 trans. Also seeking batteries 100-160 ah lithium
  2. Lithium Battery supplier in China Heter

    EV Dealers
    Hello Buddy: Heter Battery Group. (formerly Lithium Force), founded in 2002, is a venture-backed provider of energy solutions for the electric bike market, with operations in the United States, Europe, Israel and China. Heter supports its mission to enable the proliferation of Electric bike...
  3. For Sale: BMW EV $9,500 obo

    Click here for pictures This has been my commuter for 4 years, it's never broken down, in great diving condition. 2-yo, 14.4 kwh of LiFePO4, 44 x 100Ah Thundersky, 144 vdc, ~1000 effective cycles of 3,000 cycle life. Manzanita Micro 20PFC charger DC Power Raptor 600 motor controller Iota...
  4. provide lithium battery for electric car

    New Member Introductions
    we are lithium li-lion battery manufacturer in china, we offer wide ranges of batteries, LiFePO4 battery, LiMn2O4 battery, Li(NiCoMn)O2 battery, which are widely used in Electric Vehicle, Electric Bicycles, Power tools, Industrial miner's lamp, UPS, other industry and military fields, etc for...
  5. Lithium over Lead? It's really not that clear.

    Batteries and Charging
    So, by now, I think many of you know I've been perusing the boards for awhile now. I've heard a lot of fanatics on either side of the argument. But to me, after crunching real numbers, and unfortunately only having access to a lot of anecdotal case studies, the case is not clear. It's quite grey...
  6. Lithium v. Flooded Lead Acid

    Batteries and Charging
    When I began my conversion (almost 2 years ago), I expected to use flooded lead acid batteries (golf cart). The gist of my question is should I be considering lithium instead. I'm kind of surprised battery type isn't an FAQ or sticky topic. If this has been answered, please just point me in...
  7. Lithium Battery compared - Thunder Sky, CALIB, Headway, Hi-Powers, etc.

    Batteries and Charging
    Lithium Battery compared -$- Thunder Sky, CALB, Headway, Hi-Powers, etc. I want to start this thread to compare Lithium Battery, based on personal experiences. Let try to keep this compact, so it would be easy to use it as a reference later. I am thinking what should I get Thunder Sky, CALB...
  8. headway 40160S cells are available in bulk

    Parts Vendors
    Hi all, Long time haven't been to Diyelectricar. a little busy with my business during this period. Headway lithium battery had imported a new advanced production line, and 40160S LiFePO4 cells are in bulk production now. Also, 38120S/38120L(3.2V10AH) cells and 38120PS/38120P(3.2V8AH) cells...
  9. headway 38120L/38120S/38120P are available

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, Headway 38120L/38120S/38120P cells are all available now!! The detailed specifications of these cells,please find in attachment. Lorraine --Xinghai Energy email: [email protected] MSN: [email protected]
  10. SkyEnergy-the biggest and stronggest high capacity lithium manufacturer

    Parts Vendors
    I can Provide LiFePO4 Lithium Battery for EV & E-bus Also BMS(battery management system) with colorful-touched screeen and high power charge for EV. Thank you for the interest in high capacity lithium battery. Sky energy is a professinal lithium-ion power battery manufacturer, capacity...