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  1. Batteries and Charging
    I am going to put some Nissan Leaf batteries in my converted lawn tractor in place of the 3 mobility scooter batteries I have now. Am also going to replace the three big 70ah 12 volt batteries in a Recharge lawn tractor as well. So I am trying to figure out exactly what kind of batteries they...
  2. Classifieds
    Part of a lot of unused Valence batteries given to a research group for evaluation. Sorry to be vague but the batteries were obtained legally, can be sold legally, and are in great shape. Asking for $2000.00 plus shipping, list price was 2,550.00; we don't need them and they are just taking up...
  3. EV Dealers
    Hello Buddy: Heter Battery Group. (formerly Lithium Force), founded in 2002, is a venture-backed provider of energy solutions for the electric bike market, with operations in the United States, Europe, Israel and China. Heter supports its mission to enable the proliferation of Electric bike...
1-3 of 3 Results