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  1. eBay EV-Related Auctions
  2. Batteries and Charging
    Hello all, I've come across a large number of good laptop batteries containing mostly CGR 18650CG and CGR18650D Batteries, with capacities of 2250, and 2350 mah respectively. Recently our golf cart was left out on low charge in the cold, and many of its lead acid batteries are now dead. Time for...
  3. Classifieds
    I have a good amount of Voltronix Lithium Ion batteries I no longer have a need for and am looking to sell. I have the following capacities available and at my warehouse in the USA: Voltronix Model # V-LYP180Ah V-LYP260Ah V-LYP300Ah They will most certainly be sold for well below market...
  4. Batteries and Charging
    Hi Guys, example: I have 10 Lithium Ion Cells in parallel = 2.2Ah each * 10 = 22Ah (@3.7V) if i want to charge these cells like they are - what will be the maximum charging current ? all help welcome.
  5. Classifieds
    I was out riding my electric ninja and the motor seized. Now, instead of getting a new motor, I have decided to sell the parts and start on a new project. I basically have a complete kit for a lithium powered 82 volt system, minus the motor. This includes the battery pack! Everything is in great...
  6. Batteries and Charging
    I have a noob question about batteries! I have no idea what the difference is between a standard car battery and lion batteries I know they are more powerful and last longer. In particular the battery. how do those compare to other batteries as...
1-6 of 6 Results