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  1. Parts Vendors
    Big Blue Saw is now offering custom waterjet cut carbon fiber parts. If you need an ultra light and ultra strong material for a bracket, brace, or other component, this is the way to go. We'll custom waterjet cut your design from carbon fiber sheet. You may have heard of the work we've done for...
  2. Technical Discussion
    For my tractor project, I need a reliable and simple way to provide braking, not only for slowing down while moving, but also as a parking brake. I will be using a three-phase induction motor with an inverter to step up 12V or 24V DC to about 270 VDC for the VFD. But it will be difficult to use...
  3. Electric Motors
    I've been fascinated by motor design and I have some ideas I want to to try for alternate designs. I was thinking about emulating a piston type ICE using electrical solenoids, and I found some really beautiful designs: I don't know if they have any practical use in EVs but they are...
1-3 of 3 Results