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  1. Isolated DC-DC boost converter design

    Technical Discussion
    Some of the principles I discussed in the "Magnetics" thread were in preparation for the design of the transformer I used for this DC-DC boost converter. For my purposes, I wanted to boost a 24V nominal battery to about 240 VDC to be used with a VFD for a three phase motor. I have built several...
  2. Magnetics - transformers, boost, buck - ferrite/iron

    Technical Discussion
    The concepts of magnetics and electromagnetism are fundamental to the understanding of motors, transformers, and buck or boost converters. I am trying to get a better handle on these concepts, and explain how such things work in a way that does not involve very much higher math. There are some...
  3. Switched Reluctance Motor

    Technical Discussion
    I "rediscovered" this motor in my searches and it seems to be making a comeback because electronic controls are now ubiquitous and the design has many advantages and few downsides. As a point of reference this was touched upon here...
  4. Reciprocating solenoid motors and other alternative designs

    Electric Motors
    I've been fascinated by motor design and I have some ideas I want to to try for alternate designs. I was thinking about emulating a piston type ICE using electrical solenoids, and I found some really beautiful designs: I don't know if they have any practical use in EVs but they are...
  5. "Pepperoni Pizza" motor

    Electric Motors
    Well, it might be more of a pancake motor, but I'm in the mood for pizza, and there is actually a reason for my choice of names. It looks about like this: The "pizza" is the plastic or metal ring which forms the stator housing. It connects to the six thick slices of "pepperoni" which are...
  6. I found an outstanding coil/transformer reference.

    Batteries and Charging
    This transformer/coil tutorial is the best that I've found on the net so far. Talks about the process of selecting cores and winding coils and transformers in plain language. With this I think I can finally start working on the magnetics I need for chargers, DC/DC converters, and other power...