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  1. New Member Introductions
    Evening All, New to the forums here and EVs in general but not new to the automotive world - current daily is an MB 2004 SL500 with all maintenance, repairs & upgrades of the past 4 years being done at home. Anyway, I'd had my eye on a 1993 325is for some time now and managed to score it pretty...
  2. Controllers
    This question is addressed to Evnetics, but every experience are welcome. I ponder on my next conversion and got a fundamental question: Would you recommend an automatic or a manual transmission for your Soliton Junior and Soliton 1?
  3. Technical Discussion
    I want to wire a Curtis unigage 933/1c001224j003c and I also have a 902rb1224bnaac. The 933 has a wire harness with six wires and two adjustments, reset and discharge and the 902 has male qd's labeled 1-12, 2-24, 3-B-, and 4-KS. I got them from forklifts. Can't seem to find any manuals on...
1-3 of 4 Results