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  1. Batteries and Charging
    Hi, First post here. Doing an EV swap with used parts. The wiring is still a spaghetti nightmare, but it’s driving, stopping, reversing. Running an AC75 through a 5spd transmission. Mid-engine van. The Elcon PFC 5000 draws 30A. I have a 16A AstonEves charger that can plug into 120v, or 240v...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Evening All, New to the forums here and EVs in general but not new to the automotive world - current daily is an MB 2004 SL500 with all maintenance, repairs & upgrades of the past 4 years being done at home. Anyway, I'd had my eye on a 1993 325is for some time now and managed to score it pretty...
  3. Controllers
    This question is addressed to Evnetics, but every experience are welcome. I ponder on my next conversion and got a fundamental question: Would you recommend an automatic or a manual transmission for your Soliton Junior and Soliton 1?
  4. Technical Discussion
    I want to wire a Curtis unigage 933/1c001224j003c and I also have a 902rb1224bnaac. The 933 has a wire harness with six wires and two adjustments, reset and discharge and the 902 has male qd's labeled 1-12, 2-24, 3-B-, and 4-KS. I got them from forklifts. Can't seem to find any manuals on...
1-4 of 5 Results