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  1. Selling Manzanita Micro PFC20

    Is there any interest in this charger? If there is I will dig it out and get pictures, etc. We used this to charge an electric lead-acid dragster about 5 years ago and have no use for it in our current projects (it is not CE listed and thus is not admissible in FSAE competitions). We'd be...
  2. Looking for a Charger: 110/220VAC, 144VDC, Adjustable line-Amps drawn

    Batteries and Charging
    I've been looking for a charger that charges off both 110VAC and 220VAC and has an adjustment for line-Amps drawn, so I won't overload a circuit if I can get a charge while traveling. Does anyone have any to suggest? Something for a 144V pack (45 LiFeYPO4cells * 3.2V/cell). Does anyone have any...
  3. Over charging

    Batteries and Charging
    I didn't die, get burned or have acid splashed in my face. 144V 225 amp hour lead acid Trojans with a Zilla 1K, Warp 9" motor. All winter, the batteries were cold, and the charge was less than full. So I turned my Manzanita up some. Two days ago, I plugged it in, went to sleep and woke to...
  4. Manzanita charger woes, looking for a solution

    Batteries and Charging
    Manzanita charger woes, (edit:) solution found Here's a quick Good, Bad & Ugly story. I'm looking for comments or advice. I received my new Manzanita PFC-30, all nice and green. I cleared up some ambiguity in the operators manual and verified how I'll integrate the VoltBlochers into the...
  5. Charging voltages

    Batteries and Charging
    I have a Manzanita 20 charger, a 144V pack consisting of 24 Trojan 6V batteries. I have one battery (A1) reading slightly lower than 6.25V and most of the others read 6.45. I'm not sure if I'm chargeing them fully, and when I measure the low battery (A1), while charging, it shows a higher...
  6. Manzanita Charger

    Batteries and Charging
    I have a manzanita charger and the instructions say to adjust it with a full battery pack, or monitor it till full. My battery pack (144V) was not fully charged when I got the charger. So, I set it up so it showed fully charged, lights flashing and all, then adjusted the voltage up a little...