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  1. Geo Metro, Curtis 1238, AC35, Alltrax SPM72400

    Sold the car, SPM 72400 is now sold too
  2. Electric Metro with AC Possible?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I use to have a 93 Geo Metro with auto and ac and I loved it. I would love to own an electric Metro but here in Florida AC is a must have option. Is this possible? Being 67 I would have to buy one already ready to roll or nearly so. I am very familiar with electronics etc but have no welding...
  3. using little aa lithiums for geo metro? why not?

    Batteries and Charging
    I'd like to convert my geo metro hatchback. From what I've read while it is a light car it is not necessarily ideal since it can not hold as much battery weight. I've read that the tesla uses 6000 or so aa similar lithium batteries. Why can't I use 1000 -1500 or so little AA lithium...
  4. Zivan NG-1 experiences? BC-20 Charger dead

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey Guys, My good ole BC-20 charger has died. I tried cracking it open and fixing it, but no luck. One thing I liked about it was it was adjustable in system voltage from 48 to 108 Volts. I have several electric vehicles. The BC-20 charger was what came with my 1977 Citicar. (Not the original...
  5. Free 45 min Conversion Instruction Video

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey everyone, At the end of last summer, I did a presentation at the first ever Mother Earth Fair, on how I converted a Geo Metro to electric. I just set up a video camera in the back of the room to capture the presentation, and I have that video up on YouTube. Since YouTube typically only...
  6. Ben Nelson's Electro-Metro

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Just under a year ago, I decided I was going to build an electric car. Well, guess what, now I have one. I converted a '96 Geo Metro to all battery-electric with a used forklift motor and batteries. Works pretty well for running errands around town and going to and from work. The...
  7. Electric Metro options

    Technical Discussion
    Hi. I'm new to this whole ev thing but am really interested and have started looking for a car. I have done some research and have read some books and have decided that converting a Geo Metro would be perfect for my needs. The question I have right now is what motor and controller to go with. I...