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miles zx40

  1. Miles Zx40s top speed 9mph

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    Hello all, I am hoping someone one can help me diagnosis an issue with a miles Zx40s. The car has been occasionally going into a sort of limp mode where top speed is 9mph. Occasionally I would get a code 43 on the controller, I believe I fixed that by limiting the voltage of the cars auxillary...
  2. For Sale: Miles ZX40: $4000

    We have a 2007 MilesZX40 in Flagstaff, AZ. About 6500 miles. Top speed 35 mph (we've had it at 42) and street legal for roads less than posted 35mph. Licensed and registered as a alternative energy vehicle. Batteries are marine deep cycle, not the original Lithium. Runs, charges well with 110...
  3. 05" Miles ZX40 speed modifications, need tech info, have tranny rebuild manual

    Technical Discussion
    My father bought one of the early Miles ZX40 electric minivans #29 from 2005. (It is a Daihtsu Move from japan) Read the epic story of getting it on the road here (OK not real epic, just a lot of waiting)...