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  1. 2009 Miles ZX40S Advanced Design

    Production EVs
    Figured I could use this thread to document my 2009 Miles ZX40S Advanced Design with original Curtis 1238-6501 motor controller, HPEVS AC-31 motor, and remanufactured Delta-Q QuiQ 1000 model 912-7200 72v 12A charger. Past message board posts, especially from rmay635703, have been a huge help in...
  2. For Sale: 2007 Miles Electric Car, Model ZX40S: $5,500 OBO

    Located in Springfield, MO, this car is in great condition – only 2,200 miles on it (approx..), however the batteries need to be replaced ($1600 or so). With higher-end wheels and a 2-speed dealer-installed upgrade which allows a max speed of 45 mph, instead of the 25 mph that is standard, it is...
  3. Diminished range on new battery pack!!

    EV Performance
    Hi All, Scratchin my head here....just installed a new set of Interstate 8volt GC8-HD-UTL batteries (9) and have about 500 miles on them. I originally had a range of about 25 miles, but this last week it has dipped to about 8 miles, which is luckily my total commute, but barely made it...