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  1. Working on a 1989 Classic Mini EV Conversion

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    Hello Everyone, Starting work on my 1989 Mini. Thinking of keeping the original gearbox and mounting a Hyper9 motor directly on top of it. Using SilentSync sprockets and belt as a drive system. Have something similar to ´s conversion in mind. But interested in using the Hyper9 9 and...
  2. Planning 2001 Mini Cooper + Nissan Leaf conversion

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    I have an opportunity to pick up a Mini for a pretty sweet price, but it has a bad transmission. I have also been looking a lot at wrecked Nissan Leafs. My thought is to take EVERYTHING from the Leaf and shoehorn it into the Mini. I saw the Nissan Leaf on a pegboard, so I should be able to...
  3. New Mini build

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    Hi everyone, I found a donor car that I want and bought it the other day. Its a 25th Anniversary Mk III Mini with no working engine, no exhaust and the cabin gutted. Talk about ripe for conversion. My plan is to build a 120V system with a 100Ah battery pack. The car weighs in or arround 650kg...
  4. Planning Mini Clubman (1976) conversion

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    Greetings EV community! I am keen on converting my mini into an EV. My auto mechanic skills aren't great, and my fabrication skills aren't too far behind! However, I am prepared to take the conversion VERY slowly, as I'd like to do as much of the work myself. My plan is to totally gut the...
  5. BMW to lease 490 Electric Minis in California

    EV News
    Great news about an electric Mini. 490 to 'select customers'....