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  1. For Sale: Battery modules, pack, complete drivetrain and other components

    Hi everyone, For sale: Nissan Leaf 2011-12; 500wh module with 75% SOH - 110$ Nissan Leaf 2015*; 500wh module with 90% SOH - 140$ Kia soul 2016; 48V 5kwh usable module - 1600$ Model S modules 5.6kwh SOH 96.4% - 1850$ Volt 2011-15 (2kwh-12S) modules - 700$ Volt 2016-18 (18kwh) Complete...
  2. How should I transport tesla battery modules?

    Batteries and Charging
    I am moving across the country soon and was hoping to get some advice on what I should do with my 5 Tesla Model S modules. These are my options at the moment: 1. Carry in my primary vehicle during road trip (leaning towards this). 2. Store in donor vehicle which is being shipped (not insured...
  3. Netgain Interface Module flashes

    My Netgain WarP-Drive controller is always heating up to a point where it slows down even in winter after a 10 minutes slow ride. The Interface Module that displays all the settings and such, just flashes, nothing readable, so I can't see what the controller temp thinks it is at. I've tried...
  4. Disassembly of Tesla Modules

    Batteries and Charging
    In order to install a 90 kWhr pack in a Tango T600, I need to modify 6 Tesla Modules by reducing them from 6S to 4S, thus removing the 148 cells from the coolant connection end. These 6 modules would be in series with 12 full-sized modules, giving 96S, exactly the number of cells as in a Model S...
  5. reconfiguring Tesla battery modules to 50v for TR4A project

    Batteries and Charging
    I have battery modules from a p85 Tesla. these are configured 6s74p producing 24.9v at 100% soc. I am only going to use 8 of the 16 modules as they weigh almost 26 kg each and I don't want to overload my Triumph TR4a (see my ev album profile). this will mean I have a 43kwh capacity which will...
  6. Enerdel Module Flex Ribbon Cable Connector?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey all, I have 4 MP310-049 Enerdel modules and am developing a BMS based on Linear's Multi-cell battery stack monitoring ICs. I'm using the ribbon cable with voltage and temperature taps, but I can't find the type of connector it is in order to break it out to a PCB. Anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Modular battery pack with integral BMS, protection, and charger

    Technical Discussion
    I proposed this idea in the discussion on BMS design techniques, but I think it deserves its own thread. My idea, essentially, is to make a module consisting of cells in series to produce perhaps 1.6 kWh at 160V (10 Ah), so they may be connected in series and/or parallel for up to 640 VDC and...
  8. Nice LiFePo4 battery Module

    Parts Vendors
    New Designed Module ,Color Red,Yellow For Ref. UpDate20130525. 4S100Ah Red Module / 8S100Ah Red And Yellow Module/ 13S60Ah Yellow Module/ As Following Link: LFP Pouch Battery Cell...