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  1. Disassembly of Tesla Modules

    Batteries and Charging
    In order to install a 90 kWhr pack in a Tango T600, I need to modify 6 Tesla Modules by reducing them from 6S to 4S, thus removing the 148 cells from the coolant connection end. These 6 modules would be in series with 12 full-sized modules, giving 96S, exactly the number of cells as in a Model S...
  2. Modular 12V lead-acid battery with integral boost and regen

    Technical Discussion
    I just purchased a 100 Ah deep cycle group 24 battery at Walmart for $58 plus a $9 core charge, and a $7 plastic enclosure that has extra room. For now I will just use it with a 12V 1000W peak inverter modified to provide 270 VDC for my 230V three phase VFD and motor. However, it does not have...
  3. Purchasing from Victpower Technology

    EV Dealers
    I have tried to purchase A123 Modules from China Look out !!! Learning by reading ->->-> 25.04.2012 / 12:28 by geonical PI from ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co.,Ltd Ship to: geonical Item: 42s3p Original A123 LiFePO4 Battery Module Qty: 3 Unit: Pack (in wooden boxes) Goods price :1600 USD...
  4. For Sale - Battery % Charge / Display Modules $20.00 each

    I have 50 Pieces of 12 Volt Battery % (0-10-20....100%) Charge Modules $20.00 each (1 piece / as 1st picture below show) as you can see in the picture this is what each module looks like with each measuring 3" x 3.5" x 1" with green led lights that show Battery % Display Close up view / trip...