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  1. Zapi AC-3 inverter motor controller, 80V

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    Hi guys, I've listed my Zapi AC-3 on ebay (gave up on my conversion, sadly :( ): It has never been used. Needs 80V battery pack and an AC motor suitable for low voltage, and you're...
  2. Nissan EXA 1989

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello Everyone, My friend and I are considering an EV project down here in Geelong Australia. We've done a little bit of homework, purchased the Donor Car and have got our hands on a few Industrial 415VAC 3-Phase Motors. Here is the Summary, We would like to Build a 3-Phase controller...
  3. 96 volt pack to a 90 volt system?

    Electric Motors
    hey there this is my first post. I found a 1991 colenta pick up, here in holland, the pack is 15 x 6volt/160Ah, 90 volt agm and it is sulfated. I need new batteries and began to think of a lithium conversion. The closest pack voltage i can find is 96 volt. Would the extra 6 volt difference fry...
  4. Let just make an AC motor

    Electric Motors
    I have been looking into motors suitable for my planned conversion for some time now. My wish list is very much like a lot of others. A 400 Hz, 25-30 HP cont., 100 - 200V, water/oil cooled, 3 phase induction motor less than 150 lbs at a reasonable price that can be purchased in 1 pc or 1K pc...