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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have a netgain hyper9 motor in my sailing boat. I have a folding propeller that only folds when the shaft is locked. Does anyone know howto use one of the wires from wireloom to lock the shaft of the motor?
  2. EV Performance
    Hello Everyone, I’m looking to do an EV conversion but I am currently looking for the best motor/inverter combination. I’m interested in an AC motor and the Nissan Leaf motor is a top choice. However, I’m looking for 400+ hp so the stock inverter isn’t going to cut it. I’m looking at using a...
  3. Classifieds
    I have 2 extra LDU open inverter controllers that are fully assembled and ready to install into a model S LDU. I originally planned on having more than one motor but ended up deciding to only have one.
    $300 USD
  4. Controllers
    Hi, I'm trying to find out how we can reuse the variable voltage output from an existing accelerator pedal to tell the motor controller to speed up, slow down, etc. Is it as simple as wiring the existing drive-by-wire wire directly to the controller? Sorry, I am new to this. Many thanks.
  5. Controllers
    Hello I am new here and new to EV's I acquired a Zotye 5008 EV a few weeks ago with some battery issues. It's basically a Daihatsu Terios with an electric motor swap. I want to document as much as possible with this car and I am starting off with identifying most parts. Would someone be able...
  6. Classifieds
    I have 2 Ford ranger ev inverters for sale. 200$ cad each. Located in Vancouver Canada. I’ll ship anywhere
  7. Batteries and Charging
    Hello EV Community, I recently purchased a Mars ME0909 for my Electric ATV Conversion and am moving on to looking for a motor controller and battery system. I am looking for an hour or two of operation and a range of a few miles. It is for use in the mountains so It needs to be able to climb...
  8. All EV Conversions and Builds
    First test with the motor in. Connected to 5 speed auto transmission. About 1000 bucks for the motor and controller, not including shipping. Fun kit. :D Edit: Hmm... seems the youtube BBcode tag is broken? Here is the link to the video:
  9. Controllers
    Hey everyone! Long time lurker, second time poster. I have come to you today to ask for your opinion on motor controllers; the good, the bad, the ugly. I, like many others here on this forum, want to build motor controllers. Before I start designing I want to get your input on what makes a...
  10. Controllers
    Hey guys, first post here at DIYElectricCar. I have a question about interfacing with the Curtis 1238 motor controller over CANbus. I am using this controller in a hand built boat for a club at university. I am trying to display motor data from the controller (such as motor rpms, temperature...
  11. Controllers
    Hi, I recently got my hands on a Solectria UMOC435T motor controller. I'm member of collegiate engineering and design team and my team is fielding the idea of trying to use this motor controller in an electric snowmobile conversion. I'm trying to understand the wiring for UMOC's 12V I/O...
  12. All EV Conversions and Builds
    So far, I have 3 12-volt batteries that will power an electrical engine that handles up to 36 volts. I have yet disassemble the gas-related parts of the atv. My goal is to get 10 hp out of it. I have the motor controller, wires, bolts. Everything else, like the transmissions and gears is already...
  13. Controllers
    Hi! I'm new here. I'm building a tricycle (see photos) and I'm trying to find a good controller. I scavenged two working wheel chair motors with tiny, high torque gear boxes. I only intend this contraption to move about 5mph, so huge torque is more important than speed. What can you recommend in...
  14. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi everyone. I am relatively new to the electric veichle world, but I know my way around electronic circuits and whatnot. I am toying with the concept of constructing an EV (not really for driving on public roads, just a small buggy for my enjoyment) and wondering about the necessity of a...
  15. Controllers
    RELATED TO DC MOTOR CONTROLLER (EV VEHICLES) 1: Need for large number of capacitors in the power circuit (store the charge and dissipate to which part of the component mosfet or diodes ??) ? 2: what are diodes parallel to the mosfets for ? ( other than preventing the back emf coming from the...
  16. Classifieds
    I have a unused Soliton 1 for sale! Date of Purchase: 2012-03-20 Controller Model: Soliton 1 Controller Serial: 10-11-8596 So it will come with Warranty ! Shipping worldwide Price xxxx+Paypalfee+Shippingcosts I switched to AC-Drive.
  17. Classifieds
    Used Working Complete Sevcontrol 24/36 V 400 Amp Motor Controller Panel $1000 or Best Offer Make: Sevcontrol Model: MOS90C Part Number: 631/401010 UL...
  18. Technical Discussion
    Hi All I am currently working on a project to design and build a working 3phase motor drive with torque vectoring and regenerative braking from scratch. It is part of the bigger project to build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle from scratch. The fuel cell is not my concern, it operates as a 90V...
  19. Parts Vendors
    Hi everyone, we are manufacturer of EVs and EV parts in China,named UCAS, and now, we are looking for Agent or Distributor for our productions. if someone is interested to our productions, plz mail me with the adress below. and i'd like to show some pics of our production. this time i'd love...
1-20 of 21 Results