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  1. Electric Long shaft Propellor boat

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    First time on the forum and I'm working on a project that I hope you guys could help me out with. I'm manufacturing a long shaft propeller for a 13ft punt and I wanted to use an electric motor to power it, mainly for the noise aspect. The punt is pretty wide so can take a bit of motor/battery...
  2. Fun with industrial VFDs

    A long time ago I bought an IDM "PowrMaster" VFD, 480V at 9 amps, which never quite worked, and now I am stripping it for parts and maybe repurposed for a DIY inverter: It appears to be 3.7 kW (5 HP) and with all the panels and parts (not all shown) it probably weighed at least 40...
  3. Attempted repair/salvage of VFD

    Technical Discussion
    Someone on a machinists' forum had a Hitachi L200 3HP VFD that suddenly stopped working with an E14 ground fault error, and I offered to pay him up to $50 for it, thinking I could repair it or at least use some of the parts. He sent it to me and I determined that the upper IGBT on the T2 motor...
  4. Fincor 5205P0 230V 5HP AC VFD controller

    I have been looking for a 5HP 230V VFD controller to use on my tractor project, and I found this on eBay: It seems like a good deal, even if I might only use it for the parts. Supposedly it is a working unit, but I can't find any manuals or information on...