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  1. Electric Motors
    Hi! I want a electric vehicle using 2-5 Kw dc hub motor. The vehicle weight is about 300 kg with driver. Which motor do you recommend me? Thanks.:)
  2. Electric Motors
    I am planning to convert a Maruthi Suzuki Esteem into pure electric car run by Switched Reluctance Motor drive . I contacted the motor suppliers and they asked for the details such as the torque of motor required , rpm , voltage , amps . Well from googling , i found a motor of 10 hp and 72 volt...
  3. Electric Motors
    Hi, I know, it is discussed before, but how do you think, how much difference is between AC 3 phase induction motor and DC series motor efficiency? Example DC series motors: Kostov K9'' 144V / Netgain Impulse9 144V Example AC motors: Siemens 1PV5135-4WS28 / ABB 3GAA 131 316 These motors have...
1-3 of 3 Results