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  1. Electric Motors
    Hey Guys, im brand new to the forum and am here seeking advice from any other DIY minded people. If you have any input or advice on my design please do not hesitate to point out flaw. All help is appreciated. My intention is to gut my Cabriolet and mount and couple a JEGS 300 A, 170 V motor to...
  2. Electric Motors
    Hi, I am not an expert in Electrical terminologies. Can anyone please translate and confirm me following: 1- Will it be suitable to use Motor (attached image) with CURTIS AC MOTOR CONTROLLER 1236-5401. This CURTIS Motor controller supports AC Induction (36v/48v max 450A) motor. 2- Is Motor...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, first time poster here! Sorry if Im clogging up the site with noob questions. I tried to find my own answers but was utterly swamped by info and got pretty lost. Anyway, in the future I'd like to do a full conversion, but for now I have a different project in mind. I'd like to do a...
1-3 of 3 Results