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  1. Anyone bought a KIT from SHINEGLE New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Electric Motors
    I'm on the brink of buying a 72v 7.5kW EV conversion kit from SHINEGLE New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. I found it on Alibaba. I've been corresponding with the sales guy for over a month. And everything seems to be real. Before I take the final decision I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone...
  2. For Sale: Battery modules, pack, complete drivetrain and other components

    Hi everyone, For sale: Nissan Leaf 2011-12; 500wh module with 75% SOH - 110$ Nissan Leaf 2015*; 500wh module with 90% SOH - 140$ Kia soul 2016; 48V 5kwh usable module - 1600$ Model S modules 5.6kwh SOH 96.4% - 1850$ Volt 2011-15 (2kwh-12S) modules - 700$ Volt 2016-18 (18kwh) Complete...
  3. 1 Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 AC Induction Motor

    Hello all, I am new to this site, hoping to sell a Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 AC Induction Motor and Inverter/Controller. If you live in Texas and would be willing to pick up, please let me know.
  4. Ski Boat Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Howdy all! I'd like to convert a gas-powered ski boat -- mostly because my family says I can't ;) That said, I'm worried this isn't practical! I've read that I need 90 hp minimum to be a viable ski boat... does anyone know how I could achieve that? I'd like to spend less than $1,000 on the...
  5. boat electric motor, need some help and directions

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello friends True, this is not a car, but still, i think this is the forum to talk abuot it. My brother and I decided to buy a boat as a pension way off life .. me: 50 years old, looking for an adventure, a mechanic and a car electrician understand my way in electronics computers act...
  6. For sale: Siemens 1PV51354WS14 + air cooled DMOC645 $2000+shipping

    All hardware is located in SW oregon. Purchased from evtv. in original unused condition Siemens Motor + its controller the aircooled DMOC (note that picture is of the watercooled unit)...
  7. For Sale: 13" GE DC Motors

    Is anyone using these right now? Is anyone looking for one? I stumbled across 2 of them locally in Ohio at an industrial shop i have an in with. I don't need them, but i don't want them to go to scrap. They look like they were spares. Dusty, but brushes look fresh and clean. They are about...
  8. A big ol bus

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'm trying to size up the conversion of a bus. I don't yet have said bus but it's likely to be a double decker or single decker if it has to be. Think Leyland Olympian (bus) or Setra s328 (coach). Average MPG of these jobbies (diesel) is 8MPG HP for these busses seems to range from 300-500hp...
  9. For Sale: Advanced DC Motor 9" - single shaft: $750

    Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars Brand: Advanced DC motor 9" - Model: FB1-4001A - single shaft - good condition - used for 2 weeks for a project Price: $750 Pick-up: Los Angeles
  10. WTB TransWarp 9 motor

    Looking to purchase a NET Gain TRANS WARP 9 motor (splines on one shaft). Please contact me if you have one for sale. Serious buyer with cash in hand.
  11. Car Alternator as EV Motor

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make an electric scooter, but I'd like to avoid hub motors. I came across a video in which an old alternator is used as the kart's motor. However, I'm still questioning the feasibility. I like the idea of using an alternator because of its cheap power and...
  12. 88 E350 Ford Ambulance conversion

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings, I am an electronics and car enthusiast living in Northern Wisconsin. I recently acquired a 1988 Ford Econoline E350 type III ambulance (dual rear tires & step-thru box) with a 7.3 L idi diesel engine. The engine is toast after an oil leak, the ford C6 transmission (3 speed no...
  13. Building an AC Motor

    Electric Motors
    I've been wanting to do my own EV conversion with my 2001 VW Golf for a while and i've been researching for a while now, but a few days ago I talked with someone that was also intending to build his own AC Induction Motor. Do you think it's possible to build one (not expecting to be the best...
  14. Comparing two Motors - Electric Scooter (Noob Qs)

    Electric Motors
    Hello experts, I understand this is an electric car forum. But some of the tech maybe applicable to smaller applications too. Also am an electronic noob, so apologize in advance if this is too basic. I have 2 motors from 2 brands These are BLDC In-Hub Motors for an Electric Scooter. One...
  15. Yuyangking Bluetooth Speed Controller Assistance for Wiring

    Electric Bikes
    Is anyone able to give some assistance with the wiring of the items below? I have a 24 v controller and a 48 v 2A battery I've done some research and drew a schematic which is the attachment here. Theres a link to all the items that need to be connected: Electric Bike 48v 50 A 1000w controller...
  16. low cost DIY (Tesla) ACIM all hardware controller, no uC, DSP, programming

    Hi folks. In this thread I'm going to present an all hardware DIY (Tesla) ACIM ASIC controller that does not need uC, DSP and programming. It is a spin-off of this thread about a similar controller for a DC series motor. Most of "can it be done?" stuff (simulations, breadboarding) is in the DC...
  17. Looking for correct Hub for motor

    Electric Motors
    Hi everyone, so I recently purchased a motor from advanced motors and drives- fb1-4001a. Ill attach a photo with this so you can see. Anyways I'm in the process of making a adapter plate and coupler to attach it to my VW Vanagon and I'm having trouble determining the correct hub to fit on the...
  18. Problem with full throttle motor stop pushing

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, I tried to be as specific as possible in the title. This is my problem, I work for an small neighbor and we bought 10 e bikes from a quite professional builder at china. When they sent the sample with bafang hub motor it worked great. Then to make it a little cheaper we decided to use a...
  19. Searching for 6? dia. motor

    Electric Motors
    Searching for 6” dia. motor My friend and I are brainstorming how to fit two electric motors in the front subframe of an 09 Z06 Corvette (one on each wheel… ICE is staying up front because it’s powering the rear wheels). The dimensions we have to work with are less than desirable; however, we...
  20. Renault Zoe motor synchronous motor

    Electric Motors
    HI, I have just acuired a Renault Zoe Motor. It appears to be a synchronous motor. It has a electicaly magnitised rotor and stator with three pahse and nutral cables. I am trying to get it to spin but I dont have any nameplate info for the motor. If anybody has this information I would...