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  1. Motorcycle conversion, where to begin?

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    Good Day, I'd like to convert motorcycle to electric for a summer project. I haven't found a donor bike yet, but I'm fond of 80's Japanese cruisers. I've turned a few wrenches in my time, but I'm no mechanic, and fabrication will be a completely new experience for me. I'm hoping to have...
  2. 1964 Honda S600 Motorcycle/Electric hybrid

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    Howdy, I have a 1964 Honda S600 that I modified to use a 2007 CBR1000RR motorcycle engine ( I am planning to add an electric motor in parallel with the motorcycle engine. "But why?" Five reasons: 1. The car doesn't have reverse, which has become...
  3. Power-to-weight ratio | Good Motor?

    Electric Motors
    In preparation for a DIY-electric motorcycle i wanne make my first conversion. I want to try hard already on thisone to see where i can go. Do you know any good Motors that i could put voltage in to reach a compareable power to a 70kw ICE-Bike? How much Kw should i be looking for? Dual-motors...
  4. Choosing the right motor

    Electric Motors
    Hey there, I am new to this forum and a noob... This is my first electric build. I am trying to replicate my gasoline two wheeler specs in my all electric build. Specs: On road Power : 7-8Kw @ 8000 rpm On road torque : 9N-m @ 6000 rpm Top Speed : 95 Kmph How do i convert these specs...
  5. For Sale: Enertrac Dual 602 Hub Motors $2,000

    I have 2 Enertrac 602 liquid cooled motors attached to a custom rim and swingarm that was retrofitted to mount to my 1993 CBR 600F2. Details about the motors: 20KW continuous per motor = max 40KW continuous and 80KW peak 10 RPM/Volt 72 volts for 45 MPH with...
  6. Wooden Frame EV, can it be stree legal?

    Electric Bikes
    Hey, I've been wanting to get together a lowkey diy electric vehicle. I'm currently looking into the possibility of a diy electric motorcycle. But I have neither the time nor the experience or resources for a lot of metal. I was thinking that I would like to make it out of lumber (I'm quite...
  7. Hub Motor or Mid Drive

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, Sorry if it is an already very talked thread, but I have been searching over the forum, and could´t see what I´m looking for. My idea is to build something like a rough bike frame with motor, ok? It is not a bike, it would be like a motorbike but with a frame like a bike but rougher, so it...
  8. 214 hp E-Motorcycle built from scratch!

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    Hey everyone on the Diyelectriccar forum! We are team EMUS (Electric Motorcycle of Universite de Sherbrooke), a team of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering students from Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada! We are currently launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to complete the...
  9. Hi from Guatemala, with question about a 125cc conversion

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Patrick from Guatemala. I am a bit confused in the forum, been trying to find anwers to my idea of converting a 125cc ICE (motorcyle engine) to an Electric equivalent. But am having a hard time. Any directions on a complete project done already by someone on this thread...or...
  10. For Sale: Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle Video

    For sale is my BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE instructional video. Learn everything the average Joe needs to know to build their own first electric vehicle! It's now available for streaming at: You can also purchase it as a DVD from my blog...
  11. Noob! Hi!

    New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to introduce myself, live in Kansas, don't have an electric car, but I do have 2 electric motorcycles :) My Zero runs great! Got ripped off with my Vectrix, has a (semi) dead battery, looking for forums to help me get it replaced/repaired....:)
  12. Hi speed solar powered motorcycle road racing comes to america!

    EV News
    The New Orleans based firm ‘Solar Alternatives‘ will be charging eMotoRacing℠ racebikes at the 2014 season opener at Roebling Road Raceway. Races are March 1st and 2nd at this historic twisted ribbon of asphalt near Savannah, Georgia. Now zero-emission racing is exactly that, as the portable...
  13. Introduction, and EV-bobber/chopper idea

    Electric Bikes
    Before i start, I'd like to introduce myself. Name's David, i'm 16, and well, i don't do much. Recently I've seen and heard alot about electric vehicles, heard about them being better than Prius's and stuff (yeah i know it's a hybrid but still) but that was back in 2010, i was 13 and arrogant...
  14. Motor Help Please?

    Electric Bikes
    Hello All, This is my first attempt and a conversion so any help would be appreciated. I have 2 similar motors that I have very little information on. I want to use one in an electric motorcycle conversion. I have several questions. I believe if I were buying a motor I could work through this...
  15. Motorcycle conversion: Kawasaki Ninja ex500 using dual enertrac motors

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    I am going to do a sport bike conversion, just doing all of my research now. I am leaning towards a Kawasaki ninja ex500. Motor: enertrac's dual 602 hub motors at 96 volts Controller: yet to be determined, any suggestions? Battery pack: 96 volt 60 Ah pack with integrated bms and charger from...
  16. Beginning Ninja 250R Conversion

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    Hi, my name is Determination and I am embarking on this new quest of converting a Kawasaki Ninja 250r from gasoline to electric. While I am currently studying aerospace engineering, this field is new to me, as I don't know about materials, products, or power systems. When I first set out to...
  17. How-to Video: Electric Motorcycle presentation

    Electric Bikes
    Hey Guys, Last weekend, I was at the Mother Earth Fair in Puyallup, WA and gave a presentation on how I built my own electric motorcycle. I videotaped it for you and put it on YouTube. Here it is:
  18. Electric Cycle w/Alternator

    Electric Bikes
    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the EV scene. Been kicking the idea around for quite awhile now but life gets in the way, or your young & naive & listen To Someone when they say "It only works for 10 miles then you Gotta charge overnight. Very impractical." I'm Getting everything together for an...
  19. Hemank here (EV enthu)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys. I was searching for some controller related info, and I came up this forum. Great to see an EV forum. Signed up immediately. I am Hemank Dabhade from Pune, India. I have built my own 1.) high speed (180 kmph) electric Sport motorcycle 2.) Electric Go-kart 3.) Daily usable Commuter...
  20. DIY Arduino BMS - Help

    Technical Discussion
    Alright, my motorcycle conversion has already got an RFID keyless ignition i designed and coded that closes the contactor using a MOSFET. And i was thinkin, if i've already got an arduino on there, why not exploit it to its full potential? So basically what i want this arduino BMS to do is (all...