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  1. Using alternator as motor

    Electric Motors
    Hi, I was wondering whether the 8SC3009ZA / 8SC3157V alternators could be used as electric motors (by supplying them electricity) ? See here I don't know whether the alternators are of a type that allows this (direct drive / permanent magnet direct drive alternators allow it, but there are also...
  2. Help matching motors and vehicle weights.

    Electric Motors
    I want to know what weight vehicles the motors currently on the market could reliably move certain weights through the mountains and down the highway for extended periods. For comparison reasons let's assume the motors are geared so that the vehicle travels at 90mph with the motor at max RPM...
  3. Component differences between 100D and P100D?

    Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have been looking at the different models of the Tesla Model S recently, more specifically the differences between the 100D and P100D. From what I have read online the power in EV's comes from the batteries not the motor but when looking at Tesla's website the difference between...
  4. charts and graphs and equations

    New Member Introductions
    I need badly to see more charts and graphs and equations to help me understand the relationships between all these units of measurement I hear related to ev conversions. We need like a master chart for every known usable component on the market or in a salvage yard. starting with battery...
  5. My Humble Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Hello DIY Electric Car forum, I live in China and work in a factory producing low-cost electric motors, controllers and batteries for EVs. When I'm not working I can be found playing League of Legends, and I'm probably better at Super Hexagon than you. I hope to make a lot of friends who...
  6. Battery problem on Electric scooter

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys i have a quick question about my electric scooter, so i purchased a razor ecosmart metro 36 volt 21amp electric scooter 2 years ago and the battery used to last me about 5miles but now it only lasts about 1 and a half :( i was wondering how i could increase the range (and hopefully...
  7. motor rating questions. hp is hp?

    Electric Motors
    Hi all, I'm planning out a build and am tackling the motor/controller portion. I'm a fairly technical person with lots of electronics repair experience, but no experience with motors aside from a little R/C flying. I know some basic theory and played with them in the lab in college but that's...
  8. Self balancing Unicyle

    Technical Discussion
    hi, I am trying to build self balancing Unicycle - electric ones. Can anyone please provide some reference on type of motors,gyroscope, battery , etc which are available and east to build. Thanks, Paul
  9. Needed: Miles Electric OR-70 OR70 Motor Specs

    Electric Motors
    Group, Looking for whatever help I can find on specifications for the stock motor in a Miles OR70 (2008 I believe) - Just purchased one with no batteries and Synkromotive controller and wondering what the motor specs are so I can setup the controller properly. Does anyone have any ideas? As...
  10. Motors position sensitive?

    Electric Motors
    Newbie here. Are the DC motors commonly used on conversions mountable in any position, even vertical? I understand that they will run but are there any bearing issues? I seem to have read something somewhere about thrust loads vs. rotating loads on motor bearings. Looking for flexibility in...
  11. Just starting out

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I have been doing some research for about two months now just trying to get a ground of where to start a new EV and could use some help. I am going to make an EV from scratch. I am expecting this project to take about 3 to 5 years or so, thus I am in no rush at all. I still have tons to learn...
  12. Reciprocating solenoid motors and other alternative designs

    Electric Motors
    I've been fascinated by motor design and I have some ideas I want to to try for alternate designs. I was thinking about emulating a piston type ICE using electrical solenoids, and I found some really beautiful designs: I don't know if they have any practical use in EVs but they are...
  13. 1971 Convetable Super, soon to be an EV!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi there, I am new to this forum and to building EV's, I have researched enough on the subject to at least have a conversation about it. Anyone feel like answering a few questions I have? I am planning on doing away with the back seat to fit more battery's and I am aiming for 192 Volts for the...
  14. New Here Looking for Directions

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, This looks like a pretty good site to bookmark. This whole topic on EV is sort of new to me but very interesting. What I would like to find, and I am sure it is buried some where in here, is some "basic" technical information/calculations relative to battery discharge vs. the size...