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  1. Bombardier NEV throttle out - error code 1-4

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all, Owner of a 2000 Bombardier NEV. Just replaced the batteries and got it running. Car was running great for a few days, then I randomly lost throttle while out and about. All of the systems on the car appear to be working, the car just refuses to move when I press the pedal. I am now...
  2. Ford Think Ground Up Conversion

    Technical Discussion
    I have been lurking and this is my first post. I have read the nuwiki and all the faqs I could get my hands on. It's all been great information and I'm grateful for the site. I want an electric car. I don't want to buy some OEM vehicle. I want a project. I don't want to convert a full size...
  3. Kandi Coco 2nd owners

    EV News
    I just bought a 2009 Kandi Coco from Oklahoma where EV credits were generous. I live in Southern California and want to see what I can do with the Kandi Coco. I will be posting questions about your experience with parts, service, performance, legislation, etc. I look forward to an informative...
  4. New Forum for NEV-LSV.COM starting

    EV News
    Members of DIY Electric Car, I enjoy your company and your comments have often been enlightening to me concerning EV Technology. As well it should be because that is the main purpose of this Forum. But I have a wide range of interests. Recently I discovered the “NEV-LSV .COM a Forum for...
  5. ComutaCar still for sale on ebay!

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    I need to buy a motor and batteries for my Chevette so I am selling my ComutaCar. I may be asking a bit too much with the "buy it now" feature but I also included the "make offer". I am offering shipping for $0.27 per mile also. If you want to use the 48 volt 250 amp curtis controller and...
  6. Tell the Government To Stop Limiting EV's

    New Member Introductions
    A group spearheaded by the local automobile dealership EnVironmental Motors in Glendale, California is petitioning the Federal government to create a new vehicle classification. The Medium Speed Vehicle (MSV) Classification. Currently, the federal government limits electric cars capable of going...