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  1. New build - E-VW Golf

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    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, and just getting started on a conversion project for a 2007 VW Golf. My goals for the project are to build a useful EV daily driver, with ~100km range and performance comparable to the original ICE engine, and to learn a whole lot along the way. I'm still at the...
  2. 88 E350 Ford Ambulance conversion

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings, I am an electronics and car enthusiast living in Northern Wisconsin. I recently acquired a 1988 Ford Econoline E350 type III ambulance (dual rear tires & step-thru box) with a 7.3 L idi diesel engine. The engine is toast after an oil leak, the ford C6 transmission (3 speed no...
  3. Planning EV Conversion - Vehicle TBD - Got some questions

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    I'll start with the basic info: • Top vehicle choices (currently): Honda CRX or Mini Cooper S • I have 3+ yrs experience as a Mechanical Engineer (CAD, Fabrication). Just a small portion has covered electrical, but nothing on the scale of an EV conversion • Desired range is at least 60 miles •...
  4. Motor Help Please?

    Electric Bikes
    Hello All, This is my first attempt and a conversion so any help would be appreciated. I have 2 similar motors that I have very little information on. I want to use one in an electric motorcycle conversion. I have several questions. I believe if I were buying a motor I could work through this...
  5. Beginning Ninja 250R Conversion

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    Hi, my name is Determination and I am embarking on this new quest of converting a Kawasaki Ninja 250r from gasoline to electric. While I am currently studying aerospace engineering, this field is new to me, as I don't know about materials, products, or power systems. When I first set out to...
  6. So it begins, my first build

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    So I have decided to do an electric conversion on a 1969 Bajabug, I have no idea what I am doing, and everything I know I learned from spending too much time on the internet looking at other conversions. :rolleyes: So I figured I would go ahead and start this thread to document my...