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  1. Your opinion on this motor/controller

    Electric Motors
    Hi, Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand! I am considering converting a 1974 Karmann Ghia to electric drive. Since I have never worked on electric systems, I am very hesitant about sourcing used forklift motors, even if I knew where in Auckland I could lay my hands on one. I have come across...
  2. Nissan Sunny in NZ

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I am a keen amateur in Christchurch New Zealand and have a donor Nissan Sunny (1986) which I intend to convert to run on batteries. I have purchased a 48v (nominally 11kw) Hitachi forklift motor from a wrecked Nissan forklift, it weighs 85kg and spins freely when hooked up to a 12v car battery...
  3. Wellington status

    Who is doing what in terms of conversions in Wellington at the moment? I am at the starting gate with a plan to convert a 95 BMW 318ti and have set up a blog to both log and plan my activity. Don't expect rapid progress as I have had a couple of false starts and there is a lot of knowledge I...
  4. Kia Ora from New Zealand

    New Member Introductions
    this year I have decided to start a project car, then I saw Gav's EV (kiwiEV) on youtube, quite inspiring ! Im still debating weather to do this or renovate the house ? my goal would be a daily driver that can commute 20k (12.4mile) to work , half town driving & half open road (100kph / 62mph)...
  5. Are EV conversions economically worthwhile?

    Hi All I've set up this separate thread on this question of whether EV conversions are economically worthwhile for city commuting in New Zealand as the question was popping up elsewhere. Let's for a moment assume the economics is all that matters (Yes, I know it isn't but this is an exercise!)...
  6. The Curious Case of the Nissan Leaf in New Zealand

    New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, I thought some of you might be interested in this blog post I whipped up today: In short, the only Nissan Leaf in the country was at a car show over the weekend, but it was delivered by a...
  7. The Curious Case of the Nissan Leaf in New Zealand

    EV News
    I just moved this to chit chat as it's not really news.
  8. setup help for a newbie!

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi guys, Yes i am a newbie from New Zealand and i am looking at doing my own ev. Here is by thinking so far- Donor car is a 2 door 1995 Toyota trueno (levin) Adcanced DC L91-4003 or maybe FB1-4001A 96v running off 8v flooded lead batteries (this means ill need 12 batteries right?) Thats...
  9. AC motors in NZ

    I've been planning a DC conversion but feel I must research AC before I go further. There are aspects I do like such as regen and the suggested safety angle. Is anyone using AC motors in their current builds in NZ? Does anyone supply suitable AC motors in NZ? I prefer to support New Zealand...
  10. Cheap Electric motor for your EV conversion New Zealand

    Need a cheap electric motor in New Zealand for your EV conversion? NZero have come on board with EV Builders project and if we help NZero to sell ten motors we will be given our motor for free. All we need is your support, just mention EV Builders when you place your order for your motor...
  11. Intro myself

    Hi, I live in Wellington and today I have bought a car to convert. It is a Ford Mondeo and I have posted about it on my blog site at . I look forward to being in contact with other Kiwi's building EV's in coming months.
  12. Nissan Leaf in New Zealand by 2012

    EV News
    It's coming down here! Finally, we'll get factory-made EVs on the arse-end of the world! :cool: ------------------------- The city of Christchurch, located in southern New Zealand is destined to become the first city to welcome Nissan’s new electric car, the Leaf. According to the Christchurch...
  13. Planning Mini Clubman (1976) conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Greetings EV community! I am keen on converting my mini into an EV. My auto mechanic skills aren't great, and my fabrication skills aren't too far behind! However, I am prepared to take the conversion VERY slowly, as I'd like to do as much of the work myself. My plan is to totally gut the...