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nissan leaf battery

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    2019 Nissan Leaf 4531Wh 176Ah 3P7S Lithium Ion Battery Module from 62kWh Pack On Ebay Price: $849.00
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    I'm beginning a project that I'm trying to keep on a budget, for the sake of my marriage, and am looking to see where I can cut costs. This is really a pencil sketch budget, but I'm wondering how accurate this is/and where do you think I can cut costs? First a little about the project, It's...
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    Hey guys. So Ive owned a used 2013 Nissan Leaf for several years now and the battery has really degraded. I have been looking into replacing the battery but like hell I'm paying 8 grand to get it replaced by Nissan I'd much rather do it myself. I have seen several sites on Ebay selling G1...
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    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on converting a VW Vanagon to Electric. 48 Nissan Leaf Modules (Arranged to 120V) KDH14650B Series motor controller (Shouldn't need to pull any more than 300A) Are their any BMS's on the market that can manage 16s and are a bit cheaper than Orions price tag...
  5. Classifieds A perfect donor car for an ev project. Front and rear damage with complete engine and battery charging maintenance components. Rolling chassis with great interior and four doors.
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    My 2011 Nissan Leaf SL was in an accident and was 'totaled" by insurance. It has front and drivers side fender and door damage and side airbag deployment. This Leaf had a Warranty Replacement of a NEW Nissan Leaf Battery Pack six month ago (with the 2015 battery pack), and that pack has around...