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  1. EV News
    For the 2022 SEMA show, Nissan is presenting a 1987 Sunny pickup with an EV conversion done by Tommy Pike Customs. The Sunny now utilizes the 40-kWh battery and 147-hp electric motor from a Nissan Leaf. Completing the Leaf-powered Sunny's look are 17-inch Rotiform wheels, a widebody kit, and a...
  2. Electric Motors
    I'm planning to convert a 1990 Honda CBR1000f, and I'm having trouble deciding what motor to put in it. I'm not sure anything smaller than 10kW will cut it, and anything bigger than that (as far as Thunderstruck kits or QS hub motors) is pretty pricey. I've seen that people like to use Nissan...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hi, I'm trying to mock up a mount in CAD for the full pack. I can't tell if the dimensions I'm finding online include the tabs or not. The width of the pack not including the tabs is what I'm looking for. The dimension shown by the red arrow. Thanks!
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hello guys I am working on running a 2015 Leaf system outside the car, basically running the drive system and necessary electronics on a bench. I was asking some technicians around about the project and they are all claiming that I need a complete car or a front cut at least as all the parts...
  5. EV Performance
    Hello Everyone, I’m looking to do an EV conversion but I am currently looking for the best motor/inverter combination. I’m interested in an AC motor and the Nissan Leaf motor is a top choice. However, I’m looking for 400+ hp so the stock inverter isn’t going to cut it. I’m looking at using a...
  6. Batteries and Charging
    I have a nice Nissan LEAF from 2011 with a capacity of around 12KWh left. I also have 460 18650 Sanyo UR18650ZT cells (-+2800mAh) and would like to use them to increase the capacity. I also have viewed some video’s of this guy on YouTube: for...
  7. Classifieds
    anyone have a lead on a 2011-2012 nissan leaf on board charger. my just took a dump only working on level 1. tried multiple level 2 stations. in need of a replacement on board charger. Thanks!
    $400 USD
  8. All EV Conversions and Builds
    So I took the jump and bought a 'totalled' 2013 Leaf with 37k miles, and a battery health of 89% and 247Gids at full charge and 89% SOH. Really gonna be a shame to scavenge this car, it's in really pristine condition except for the rear corners. Oh well. I'm gonna try to swap in the Leaf motor...
  9. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi, I will describe my Land Rover conversion using Nissan Leaf parts from a Junk Yard in Norway. It is a 1970 Series 2A 88" SWB Land Rover. It all started in Mars 2021 when I first bought the vehicle. Petrol engine and gearbox working fine but the chassis were heavily corroded and I had to...
  10. Batteries and Charging
    Hello everyone, I wanted to share what happens when super professionals install an additional battery for your Nissan Leaf cheap and real quick. Well, certainly nothing good. I'd suggest choosing carefully whom you trust such a delicate job, or you may end up in a quite unpleasant situation...
  11. eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Nissan Leaf Onboard Battery Charger 296A0-3NA0A 296A03NA0A On Ebay
  12. All EV Conversions and Builds
    I might as well start a build thread. It seem to be all the rage, right?! :). I am also shooting video as I do and will try to put a few videos out there as I can. About me: 47 years old. Engineering background but most of that was in software coding. Limited electronics experience. Limited...
  13. eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Nissan Leaf Li-Ion Battery Upgrade Service (30kWh battery, 100-110 mile range) On Ebay
  14. Batteries and Charging
    I am planning on converting a ford ranger (2005 ish) into an EV, in my area it is quite easy and affordable to find used nissan leaf motor stack for quite cheap. To controll these components i planned on using a resolve controller to make all the components work together. My problem is that I...
  15. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication 15 odd years in and around Vehicles, self-employed metal fabricator. The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge) Ideally 100 What level of performance you are hoping to get Close to stock HP, more than stock torque (OEM specs...
  16. eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Nissan Leaf Battery G1 Module Lithium Ion 500 watt per module LOT of 1 On Ebay
  17. eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Nissan Leaf 1670Wh Lithium Ion Battery module Solar Golf Cart RV Powerwall DIY On Ebay Price: $5,000.00
  18. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi guys, I wanted to show you our 1967 VW beetle electric conversion. It is powered by a Gen 2 Nissan Leaf motor and inverter controlled by our ECU. The batteries are also Nissan Leaf. We have also made a couple of videos about it. Unfortunately its in German but maybe also interesting for you...
  19. eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Nissan Leaf Li-Ion Battery Upgrade Service (30kWh battery, 100-110 mile range) On Ebay Price: $4,499.00
  20. Production EVs
    I'm thinking of creating a battery pack out of LiFePo4 cells for Nissan LEAF. I figured this is almost impossible from zero content I've found online regarding DIY batteries for LEAF. Has anyone tried this before? I'm thinking of modifying the Leaf BMS to accomodate LFP cells along with a...
1-20 of 38 Results