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  1. I want to convert my car, anyone know where I can find someone to do it for me?

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    Hello to everyone who knows way more about this than me! I am by no means an expert of any sort, I just want to get involved because I feel like I really love this kind of stuff. Please help me out by finding someone who can help me converting my car (Nissan Altima 2016).
  2. eBIMMER: Nissan Leaf into E30 BMW Conversion

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    Hi everybody! I've been lurking in the posts for a while but am finally starting a build thread with the hopes of further expanding the knowledge base for Nissan Leaf conversions, as well as having all you experts help me thru the challenges. I got my Leaf and donor at CoPart auctions. It's a...
  3. Increasing my Nissan Leaf performance?

    EV Performance
    Hi guys, First time poster here so be gentle... I have a Gen1 Nissan Leaf 30Kw and I want to increase the available power. I was inspired by Arlin Sansome's videos on Youtube: I like the idea of potentially creating a bolt-on kit that anyone can purchase and...
  4. Help plan Nissan 300ZX Conversion

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    I have a 1994 Nissan 300ZX convertible whose engine just died. I had bought the car a couple of years ago with the intention of eventually converting it to electric. Looks like fate forced my hand. I have followed several of the conversions in progress here including NutsandVolts 300ZX...
  5. Questions I have before I can start my EV build.

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    Hello. Long time listener, but first time poster... and sorry for the long post. You can skip the INTRO and go to the QUESTIONS if you like. ========== INTRO I am a techie and build computers as a hobby and have wired a couple of home (low voltage) and I just love to take things apart to...
  6. 2002 Nissan Xterra

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    I need to either perform alot of repair on my Xterra or scrap it and buy a new vehicel. As such, I'm considering a conversion and to do some non-standard things. I am somewhat skilled at mechanics and fabrication. I'd like to achieve: 250miles per charge, <=80mph regen braking (understand I...
  7. Looking into 07 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 Conversion

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    My engine blew up in my truck 190k miles. Rebuild is $4k, crate is $10k. Junk yard wants $2.5k for just a used engine, miles don't matter. So now I have this truck that I dont know what to do with. I thought huh maybe I'll look into converting it to an electric vehicle. So this is my second...
  8. 2011 Nissan Rogue AWD hybrid idea

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    My Rogue's rear differential recently crapped out. As I was replacing it, I started thinking, "What if I remove this drive shaft and replace the drive coupling with an electric motor?" I found two RV batteries. They are heavy but 250 Ah might do the work of the AWD function at least. If I can...
  9. Solectria 1996 E-10 (Chevy S-10) Pickup truck

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    Hello, This the build/repair log for my 1996 Solectria E10, that I purchased non-working back in 2007: I am currently reverse engineering the BMS in a 2013 Nissan Leaf battery pack. I want to reuse the factory BMS, when I reconfigure the Leaf pack for...
  10. Nissan Micra The Commuter Build

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    Hi all, Would like to convert my 20 year old Nissan Micra to EV. I've read that it is possible and hope some of you people would be willing to give me a hand. Experience: *Practically none. *Some Once Upon A Time Electric Engineer friend, and we can get a bit of help from retired...
  11. Survey Nissan LEAF

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    Dear community, I would like to invite you to this interesting survey about Nissan's electric car LEAF. It is anonymous and the data will only be used for a study project. It will take about 5-7 minutes. This survey is not only for LEAF owners, but anyone interested in electric cars...
  12. The Curious Case of the Nissan Leaf in New Zealand

    New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, I thought some of you might be interested in this blog post I whipped up today: In short, the only Nissan Leaf in the country was at a car show over the weekend, but it was delivered by a...
  13. The Curious Case of the Nissan Leaf in New Zealand

    EV News
    I just moved this to chit chat as it's not really news.
  14. bmw 3 series or nissan 300zx

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    it seems that whenever i get close to a final decision on how i plan to build my EV i change my mind. I had always planned to use a BMW 3 series coupe, but i browsed through ebay and i came across the nissan 300zx, i think it would make an adequate donor car but i was wondering what everyone...
  15. Plug in America 2010 Pictures

    EV News
    Battery for the Leaf Volt Volt BMS Volt BMS Volt battery with water cooling. An awful lot of potential coolant leaks if you ask me. Volt battery with water cooling. Lots of hose clamps. I guess thats the price you pay for a small battery with high current. I like the leafs...
  16. Nissan Frontier, 4 door truck

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    I'm interested in converting an older (~2000) model Nissan Frontier truck. The older ones are a little smaller than the newer ones. I realize it will be on the heavy side, but it serves a huge need for me. I want to be able to get my family of 4 inside and be able to drive around town...
  17. How much difference will 1.5 HP make?

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    I'm trying to decide which motor to put in my 1991 Nissan NX1600. The stock curb weight is 2350 Lbs. I'm planning to remove the clutch and connect the motor output shaft directly to the transmission. Option 1; ADC #203-06-4001 8" 72-144VDC 17.5HP Single Shaft - $1450.00 Option 2; ADC...
  18. N00b about to buy a glider.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, Well, I'm going to take the plunge! I've run the numbers and an EV makes all the sense in the world. I live 3 miles from work an EV will satisfy 95% of my driving needs. I also have the advantage of working for a battery company and can get a really good price on deep cycle...
  19. 1991 Nissan NX1600 - Good candidate EV?

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    Hi Folks, I'm a total n00b and just getting my bearings here. I've got an opportunity to buy a 1991 Nissan NX1600 for $250. The car ran daily up until a year ago, has very minor rust spots. It's a hatchback, but it would be very easy to build a cover for the cargo area and vent the rear...