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    Hey folks, I have another leaf drive train part I’m working on: vw 930 cv axle stubs for the leaf gearbox! so I’m looking for some Gen2 leaf cv axles, actually just need the Inner joints. So if you have a broken set, I’ll take them! cheers
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    Nissan Leaf Battery G1 Module Lithium Ion 500 watt per module LOT of 1 On Ebay
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    Hi all! My name's Mina! A while ago me and my fiance Daniel acquired a 1989 Nissan Pulsar NX, we were over the moon with it until the engine blew up after a season of cruising it. We've done a lot of pondering, considering a full rebuild, deciding against that because of part scarcity and it...
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    Nissan Leaf 1670Wh Lithium Ion Battery module Solar Golf Cart RV Powerwall DIY On Ebay Price: $5,000.00
  5. eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Nissan Leaf Li-Ion Battery Upgrade Service (30kWh battery, 100-110 mile range) On Ebay Price: $4,499.00
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    2011-2012 Nissan Leaf Gen1 G1 - Gen2 G2 Li-Ion 24kWh Battery On Ebay Price: $2,999.00
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    Hello everyone, my first query here. Hope to get maximum response. I am designing a shuttle bus intended to carry 13 passengers, the load calculations come up to be 3000kg. I am planning to take every part from junk and design+manufacture the whole vehicle. Initially, I am getting a Nissan...
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    Hello! Not incredibly mechanically inclined, no current fabrication skills 50-mile range Would be ecstatic with 150hp (would definitely add some more rigid support in this scenario), realistically 100-125hp Trying to spend around $10-15k I've considered basically everything under the sun. The...
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    Hello to everyone who knows way more about this than me! I am by no means an expert of any sort, I just want to get involved because I feel like I really love this kind of stuff. Please help me out by finding someone who can help me converting my car (Nissan Altima 2016).
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    Hi everybody! I've been lurking in the posts for a while but am finally starting a build thread with the hopes of further expanding the knowledge base for Nissan Leaf conversions, as well as having all you experts help me thru the challenges. I got my Leaf and donor at CoPart auctions. It's a...
  11. EV Performance
    Hi guys, First time poster here so be gentle... I have a Gen1 Nissan Leaf 30Kw and I want to increase the available power. I was inspired by Arlin Sansome's videos on Youtube: I like the idea of potentially creating a bolt-on kit that anyone can purchase and...
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    I have a 1994 Nissan 300ZX convertible whose engine just died. I had bought the car a couple of years ago with the intention of eventually converting it to electric. Looks like fate forced my hand. I have followed several of the conversions in progress here including NutsandVolts 300ZX...
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    I need to either perform alot of repair on my Xterra or scrap it and buy a new vehicel. As such, I'm considering a conversion and to do some non-standard things. I am somewhat skilled at mechanics and fabrication. I'd like to achieve: 250miles per charge, <=80mph regen braking (understand I...
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    My engine blew up in my truck 190k miles. Rebuild is $4k, crate is $10k. Junk yard wants $2.5k for just a used engine, miles don't matter. So now I have this truck that I dont know what to do with. I thought huh maybe I'll look into converting it to an electric vehicle. So this is my second...
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    My Rogue's rear differential recently crapped out. As I was replacing it, I started thinking, "What if I remove this drive shaft and replace the drive coupling with an electric motor?" I found two RV batteries. They are heavy but 250 Ah might do the work of the AWD function at least. If I can...
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    Hello, This the build/repair log for my 1996 Solectria E10, that I purchased non-working back in 2007: I am currently reverse engineering the BMS in a 2013 Nissan Leaf battery pack. I want to reuse the factory BMS, when I reconfigure the Leaf pack for...
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    Hi all, Would like to convert my 20 year old Nissan Micra to EV. I've read that it is possible and hope some of you people would be willing to give me a hand. Experience: *Practically none. *Some Once Upon A Time Electric Engineer friend, and we can get a bit of help from retired...
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    Dear community, I would like to invite you to this interesting survey about Nissan's electric car LEAF. It is anonymous and the data will only be used for a study project. It will take about 5-7 minutes. This survey is not only for LEAF owners, but anyone interested in electric cars...
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    Hi folks, I thought some of you might be interested in this blog post I whipped up today: In short, the only Nissan Leaf in the country was at a car show over the weekend, but it was delivered by a...
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    I just moved this to chit chat as it's not really news.
1-20 of 26 Results