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  1. How to adjust the Brusa NLG513 programmable digital output pins

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi everyone! I'm a member of the charging team at Ontario Tech University's FSAE team in Ontario, Canada and we are trying to implement a new method to monitor our cells. We want to use one of the programmable digital output pins (pins 5-7 I believe) to power a TI TivaC, but for some reason the...
  2. Brusa NLG513 Repair

    Batteries and Charging
    I had a Brusa NLG513 Charger come in for repair with the following error message: ShortCirc PwrSt: ERR So obviously it has a short circuit in the power stage. ;) So I took it apart and checked all the IGBTs and diodes in the power stage... All tested good... I then contacted Brusa to see...
  3. Convert a Brusa NLG513 to a NLG511 Battery Charger?

    Batteries and Charging
    I recently acquired a Brusa NLG511 battery charger, which is the correct voltage range for my truck. I have had a Brusa NLG513 battery charger for a few years, but its output is to high for my truck. And I wanted to see if I could convert the NLG513 to a NLG511. So I was really hoping that...
  4. BRUSA NLG513 Cuts off at ~376 V - SDT Batt VoltHi

    Batteries and Charging
    I've been happy with NLG 513 so far and I do get a rare error SDT Batt VoltHi constantly at around 376V. I've Nissan Leaf full pack and Leaf BMS connected. Brusa doesn't like it after 370+ volts. I've disconnected all the traction battery input...