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  1. In the theory stages of an odd build and I'm not sure if it will be driveable.

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    Howdy everyone! So for starters, I'm about a year or so away from even starting this build. Second, it's going to have a gas generator and is going to be an overland 4x4 with a Land Rover Discovery II as a base. The original plan is to take something like a 2007+ Tahoe 4x4 and drop in the...
  2. Electric/Hybrid Off-Road buggy

    Community Help
    Hi All, Starting to build a off road buggy with a twist and would like your opinion on it. Going to have a diesel powered rear LS differential and then have an electric motor powering the front axle (Not working at the same time). The electric motor will give me forward and reverse at low...
  3. 1st electric off-road car will participate in the Dakar rally raid 2012

    EV News
    Hi everyone! First of all, I’m new here and this will be my first post :) Secondly, I have pretty exciting news for EV fans! Read further ;) First electric off-road car called “OSCar eO” is being built at the moment and is going to participate in the Dakar rally raid 2012 to win it. This is...